End Of The World News Episode November 21, 2013

Broadcast on 21-Nov-2013

8:00am - 10:00am

Glacial time bombs: Himalayan Tsunamis, Global time bombs: continued 99% unrest

Disheartening COP 19 update, Google Earth: meet deforestation, Dump it in the ocean?!, Occupy Debt Rolling Jubilee, and more on Swiss referenda..


LetKolben - Paradise-kommunication records
Nine Inch Nails - Find My Way-Oneohtrix point Never Remix
Vandettas - Evil habits-Stint Remix
The Weeknd - Rolling Stone-Truth Remix
Kahn - Badman City-ft. Flowdan
Born Gold - Ferocious Body-I.
Swick - Keep it Gully-Diplo colab
Rokia Thaore - Zen-Zamali edit
Instra Mental - Let's Talk-Naked Lunch
Watcha Like - Nico Luminous-Johanna Phraze
Kamandi - Wolf Lord-Ookami
Metaphoracle - Bodacious Oasis-Smokey Crow Records
Moontricks - Soul Mechanics-Robo-Acoustics EP
Eradik - Sax Dub-J.F Killah

Track Listing:

LetKolben · kommunication records
Find My Way
Nine Inch Nails · Oneohtrix point Never Remix
Evil habits
Vandettas · Stint Remix
Rolling Stone
The Weeknd · Truth Remix
Badman City
Kahn · ft. Flowdan
Ferocious Body
Born Gold · I.
Keep it Gully
Swick · Diplo colab
Rokia Thaore · Zamali edit
Let's Talk
Instra Mental · Naked Lunch
Nico Luminous
Watcha Like · Johanna Phraze
Wolf Lord
Kamandi · Ookami
Bodacious Oasis
Metaphoracle · Smokey Crow Records
Soul Mechanics
Moontricks · Robo-Acoustics EP
Sax Dub
Eradik · J.F Killah