End Of The World News Episode October 31, 2013

Broadcast on 31-Oct-2013

8:00am - 10:00am

Big Brother Is Watchin', but the Revolution Is Brewin'! w/Lauren and Grahame

Russel Brand and the revolution floodgates, Clockwork orange, Mycellium foam, Ongoing Disaster in D.R Congo, Saudi satire: "No woman, No drive".

arvin Gaye - Kombucha-Innobushu
Ghost poet - Dial Tones-Ihasa
Noble Oak - I'm lost-Noble Oak
Edoheart - sosomoneycokplease-Mpula's cuca and castrol oil can remix
Sara - Tounkan-Captain planet remix
Gnucci - Famalam Jam-Gnucci Banana
Tee Jay - New Shit-Sunglitters
Marvin Gaye - Let's get it on-Stickybuds
Rench - The Funk Humters remix-Up From low
Ellen Allien - Flashy Flashy-Nicolas Jaar Remix
Vijay & Sofdia Zaltko - Drop it like it's Hot-Soundcloud
New York Transit Authority - '95-NYTA
Ciara - Stay Crunk-Colin/Pigeon Hole Mix
Kelala - Go all night (Let me roll)-Saint Heron
Miss Kittin - Maneki Neko-LetKolben Remix
Dirty Dubsters - Dancehall Empera-Ft. Blackout

Track Listing:

Marvin Gaye · Innobushu
Dial Tones
Ghost poet · Ihasa
I'm lost
Noble Oak · Noble Oak
Edoheart · Mpula's cuca and castrol oil can remix
Sara · Captain planet remix
Famalam Jam
Gnucci · Gnucci Banana
New Shit
Tee Jay · Sunglitters
Let's get it on
Marvin Gaye · Stickybuds
The Funk Humters remix
Rench · Up From low
Flashy Flashy
Ellen Allien · Nicolas Jaar Remix
Drop it like it's Hot
Vijay & Sofdia Zaltko · Soundcloud
New York Transit Authority · NYTA
Stay Crunk
Ciara · Colin/Pigeon Hole Mix
Go all night (Let me roll)
Kelala · Saint Heron
Maneki Neko
Miss Kittin · LetKolben Remix
Dancehall Empera
Dirty Dubsters · Ft. Blackout