Electronic Alice Episode June 4, 2015

Broadcast on 04-Jun-2015

12:01pm - 1:01am

Music Waste is this weekend. Let's do it! DEAD MOON - DEAD MOON NIGHT (ECHOES OF THE PAST)
Fountain - Egg Island (Fountain 2)
Kim Gray - On Top (Backseat Bingo)
genderdog - uhh sexual (uhh sexual)
Supermoon - Tragedy (Comet Lovejoy)
Cave Girl - Kingsway (Not Well, Thank You)
Diane - Greed (s/t)
Peace - Saturday Night (Slow Children)
jerk jails - chances are high (chances are high)
Soft Haze - Freaky Feeling (s/t)
Mourning Coup - Summer Wine (Suumer Cool Mix 01)
Gal Gracen - Turquoise Rings (Demo)
Girlfriend - Caroline (Caroline/Vivian)
Late Spring - drink p (S/T)
TV Ugly - Werewolfing (Ruff Demos)
The Blessed Pissers - Fool For Love (Fool For Love)