Electronic Alice Episode August 29, 2013

Broadcast on 29-Aug-2013

12:05pm - 1:04am

Victory Square Block Party preview Barry DeVorzon - Baseball Furies' Chase (The Warriors OST)
Main Source - Just A Friendly Game of Baseball (Breaking Atoms)
The Isotopes - Just To Bring You Home (ft. Marissa Pines) (single)
KoKo - Pezzmeth (Pezzmeth)
Sharing - Sharing (Sharing/KoKo split)
Jay Holy - Dyatlov Pass (Dyatlov Pass)
Taiwan - Red Room (Pleasence Split 12")
Silly Kissers - Halloween Summer (Halloween Summer)
the courtneys - 90210 (s/t)
Jay Arner - Bad Friend 2 (Pop Alliance Vol 3)
young braised - 1 0 0 $ (big trouble in little china)
Slow Learners - Party Police (Party Police 7")
dead ghosts - can't get no (can't get no)
Slam Dunk - It's Only Fun (The Shivers)
Bankrobber - Boym'm (Life's Nutso)