Deleted Show Episode October 24, 2012

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

they told me too
ty segall · twins
altered ego
slim twig · sif sike
us girls · gem
sit still
each other · s/t
little sting
pins · luvu4lyf
do it for you
plateaus · s/t
arc in round · s/t
peace · the world is too much with us
scene from a marriage
total control · s/t
wrapped coast
my disco · wrapped coast
exit plan
guinea worms · smiles
deport little john
pheromoans · does this guy stack up?
wet blanket
metz · s/t
wrong side
sex church · somnambulist
burglar fucker · demonweb
snob value
divorce · s/t
kristy greene
obnox · rojo
the helicopters sing
godpseed you black emperor · allelujah! dont bend! ascend!