Crimes And Treasons Episode September 23, 2014

Crimes and Treasons 23-Sep-2014

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Koral Reefer joins the Homeboy Jules, Jamal Steeles, and Lucky Rich
in studio guests: Koral Reefer &E-shmurda (Rockers show)
IAMNOBI - Soulection Anthem
Flying Lotus Ft Kendrick Lamar - Never Catch me
dogg pound gangstas - Bodygaurd Hard
Mr Carmack - TY Paces
problem - Hot Nigga
Juice - Live House Party
cam'ron ft 2 chainz - snapped
dogg pound gangstas - Niggaz iz on me
Big K.R.I.T - What's next
Billy Grahm (ft janet jackson) - ain't a thing
jose guapo - campaign champagne
rich gang ft young thug - lifestyle
Mr. carmack - jade
problem ft. childish Gambino - dollaz & sense
problem ft jarae - chachi forever
beejus ft oops - come on
kahlani ft iamsu - act a fool
trayce ft show banga - you know
mike dash ft clyde carson - three
esrta & lakim - W hotel
issa - dope man
koral reefer - iodine
11111 - soulection anthem
koral reefer - oxygen
yayayi - rack city remix
french montana - hot nigga freestyle
riff raff - lil mama i'm sprry
rae sremmeurd ft nicki minaj - no flex zone
trinidad james ft money makin - patrick ewing
kendrick lamar - I
rick ross - elvis presley blvd
schoolboy q ft Nas - studio (remix)
E-shmurda - 254
N8 ft. bandit gang marco - T.R.A.P.
GUCCI MANE - mrs. perfect
losco - soulcolection
matralu - pyrmdplaza

Track Listing:

Soulection Anthem
Never Catch me
Flying Lotus Ft Kendrick Lamar · mp3
Bodygaurd Hard
dogg pound gangstas · mp3
TY Paces
Mr Carmack · mp3
Hot Nigga
problem · mp3
Live House Party
Juice · mp3
cam'ron ft 2 chainz · mp3
Niggaz iz on me
dogg pound gangstas · mp3
What's next
Big K.R.I.T · mp3
ain't a thing
Billy Grahm (ft janet jackson) · mp3
campaign champagne
jose guapo · mp3
rich gang ft young thug · mp3
Mr. carmack · mp3
dollaz & sense
problem ft. childish Gambino · mp3
chachi forever
problem ft jarae · mp3
come on
beejus ft oops · mp3
act a fool
kahlani ft iamsu · mp3
you know
trayce ft show banga · mp3
mike dash ft clyde carson · mp3
W hotel
esrta & lakim · mp3
dope man
issa · mp3
koral reefer · mp3
soulection anthem
11111 · mp3
koral reefer · mp3
rack city remix
yayayi · mp3
hot nigga freestyle
french montana · mp3
lil mama i'm sprry
riff raff · mp3
no flex zone
rae sremmeurd ft nicki minaj · mp3
patrick ewing
trinidad james ft money makin · mp3
kendrick lamar · mp3
elvis presley blvd
rick ross · mp3
studio (remix)
schoolboy q ft Nas · mp3
E-shmurda · mp3
N8 ft. bandit gang marco · mp3
mrs. perfect
losco · mp3
matralu · mp3