Crimes And Treasons Episode January 6, 2005

3:00pm - 5:00pm

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Track Listing:

Building Steam with A Grain of Salt
DJ Shadow · Entroducing
Color of Dawn
Sick of the Bullshit
Big L · Life of style of the poor and dangerous
The Gloaming
Dj shadow · `
Kek 2
Richard Devine
Speed Jazz
Panakronic · Speed Jazz
The truth, the whole thruth, an assorment of lies
bOOKS on tape · The Business end
Postive affrimation
aRCSIN · Equniox ;
It's gonna land
Dj Excess
Kid Kolala · Some of my best friends are Dj's
SUbtle · a new white
Dewy Decimal System
DJ Knowone
Death Rally around the corner
Amerodd · A Rise of a Priest
Nothing is Cool
Birdapres and Mcenroe · Nothing is Cool
We make noise
Break Bread · Break Bread e.p
Poor People are Skummy
Epic · heater in my trucker
gone (ft Cee-Lo green)
Esthero · We R in need of a musical revolution
Jungle Line
Joni Mitchell · the sound of hissing summer lawns
Find a light
Dj Astrix
Joyfull toy of 1001 faces
Them · Them
Do they owe us a living?
Soft Pink Truth · do you want new wave
Coffee and chrods
Decpitkon · Lost subject
My radio
Solvet · Apples and Synthazers
Going down south ft Lyrics born
Rl Burnside · A bothered mind
Playboy 12"
Hot Chip · Playboy 12"
I think I'm going to get married
Dosh · Naoise