Chips n Dip Episode October 16, 2014

Chips n Dip Oct 14

1:00pm - 2:00pm

interview with Jen from the Downtown Eastside Women's Arts collective and new music from Littler,the beverleys, girl pool and slut ever!
live interview with Jennifer Mcdermid from the Downtown Eastside Womens Art Collective, talked about the organization and fundraiser art show

Track Listing:

the beverleys · single
dilly dally · single
my face alive
old and werid · what i saw
peachy beachy
old and weird · what i saw
jerome (liar)
joanna gruesome · joanna gruesome/trust fund split 12"
girlpool · girl pool x slut ever split
stomach ache
slutever · girl pool x slut ever split
Yung Mums · Yung Mums
the meltaways · demo
hush hush
Francesca Belcourt · hush hush
Cave Girl · not well thank you
sleep walk
littler · get a lifes