CabaRadio Episode May 8, 2012

#145 - It's movie night on CabaRadio!!

11:03pm - 1:04am

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

beastie boys
Chinatown remix
the organization · neo noir
what the fuck was that
evil dead the musical
bit part demon
evil dead the musical
main theme
Hanz Zimmer · True Romance soundtrack
main theme
ennio morricone · hang em high soundtrak
main theme
Henry Mancini · Pink panther soundtrack
trailer theme
hanz zimmer · thin red line soundtrack
tv and movie themes best
yello · ferris bueller soundtrack
die hard
guysz night
main theme
motzart · amadeus soundtrack
spinal tap · spinal tap soundtrack
saturday night at the movie
the drifters · the definite collection
main theme
rocky soundtrack