CabaRadio Episode April 7, 2009

Episode 1 - Premiere of CabaRadio with Teddy Smooth

11:00pm - 12:18pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

link wray and his ray men · Back to back hit series
last night
mar-keys · satellite
shakin' all over
guess who?
highschool confidential
rough trade
roxy roller
sweeney todd
jungle fever
the Chakachas
the caterpillar crawl
the strangers
crazy vibrations
the bikinis
hot tamales
noble "Thin man" Watts
smokey joe's la la
googie rene
the village callers
hector part 1 · village callers live
I'm been saved
Leonard King & the soul messengers
ginger snap part 1
Big bubbles and the soul brothers
the mar-keys
sweet city woman
if 6 was 9
jimi hendrix
Baby, please don't go
nyet nyet soviet!
BB Gabor