Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 13, 2015

Broadcast on 13-Apr-2015

8:00am - 11:00am

New DOldrums, Siskyou & Portico plus the usual Brown's fare.

do make say think - say - other truths
subtractivelad - each other in darkness - where land meets the sky
subtractivelad - rerum natura - suture
secret pyramid - outside - the silent march
loscil - holding pattern - sea island
subtractivelad - nocturne - where land meets the sky
eternal tapestry - white adder's tongue - wild strawberries
kuato - black horizon - the great upheaval
his name is alive - married - home is in your head
the dead texan - when i see scissors... - s.t.
dean blunt - x - black metal
portico - atacama - living fields
siskiyou - bank accounts and dollar bills - nervous
2562 - drumroll - the new today
andy stott - how it was - faith in strangers
spool - winter is coming - III
chad van gaalen - where are you - shrink dust
boundary - ghost writer - s.t.
siskiyou - violent motion pictures - nervous
badbadnotgood - hedron - III
doldrums - funeral for lightning - air conditioned nightmare
teebs - sotm - estara
captain sensible - happy talk - happy talk e.p.

Track Listing:

do make say think · other truths
each other in darkness
subtractivelad · where land meets the sky
rerum natura
subtractivelad · suture
Secret pyramid · the silent march
subtractivelad · where land meets the sky
White Adder's Tongue
Eternal Tapestry · Wild Strawberries
black horizon
kuato · the great upheaval
his name is alive · home is in your head
when i see scissors...
the dead texan · s.t.
dean blunt · black metal
portico · living fields
bank accounts and dollar bills
siskiyou · nervous
2562 · the new today
how it was
andy stott · faith in strangers
winter is coming
spool · III
where are you
chad van gaalen · shrink dust
ghost writer
boundary · s.t.
Violent Motion Pictures
Siskiyou · Nervous
Badbadnotgood · III
funeral for lightning
doldrums · air conditioned nightmare
teebs · estara
happy talk
captain sensible · happy talk e.p.