Breakfast With The Browns Episode February 12, 2007

8:00am - 11:00am

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Track Listing:

nice one
jomf · flags of the sacred harp
goodbye desolate railyard
silver mt zion · this is our punk rock
the triumph of our tired eyes
silver mt zion · born into trouble...
Tortoise · A Lazarus Taxon
bridges and balloons
joanna newsom · the milk eyed mender
needle and thread
benoit pioulard · precis
jessica bailiff · feels like home
you, you're awesome
do make say think · you you're history in rust
Requiem for a Fox
Sandro Perri · Plays Polmo Polpo
want II
michael brook · bell curve
ensemble · disown, delete
apple on every branch
organ trail · wagon train
the first of a thousand goodbyes
soso · birthday songs
la partenza
various · the trallaleri of genoa
green lion devours the sun..
boduf songs · lion devours the sun
last days · sea
black mirror
arcade fire · ep
vanilla girl
konki duet · mountain mouton
blue sky and yellow sunflower
susumu yokota · symbol
domotic · bye bye
dosh · the lost take
if you're into 2nd best
cinemascope · soundimension
night time in el canton
solidaze · pleasure from precision remixed
the earltown hermit
recyclone & soso · stagnation and woe
Tim Hecker · Harmony in Ultraviolet
mount pleasant
swankz & verbrilli · lifesavers
days to come
bonobo · days to come
marumari · ballad of the round ball