Breakfast With The Browns Episode December 5, 2005

8:00am - 11:00am

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Track Listing:

our last moment in song
brian mcbride · when the detail lost its freedom
sketch for flea
windy and carl · the dream house
the upwards march
bell orchestre · recording a tape the colour of light
morphing leadgitarre ruckwarts
jan jelinek · kosmischer pitch
clint hutzulak · the beautiful dead end
se last
sigur ros · takk
satellite · lab projects 2003-2005
okc dani
run return · metro north
salut tulsa
various (deviationists) · pulse programming comp.
we only use the resources we have access to
greater explosives · the construction of this..
thomas brinkmann · lucky hands
illustrations by former friends
greater explosives · the construction of this..
un magasinqui n'existe pas
jerome miniere · chez herri kopter
agf · head slash bauch
cardboard box
slowblow · s.t.
nobody's home
ulrich schnauss · far away trains passing by
your heart on your sleeve
colleen · everyone alive wants answers
slow down
arc lab · the nineteen floors
finger traps
fascade @ 137db · character of the moment
l'existence ast simple
jerome miniere · petit cosmonaute
the queue
winter equinox · safe and sound
francoiz breut · une saison volee
m83 · m83
caribou · marinoaudio
angel beat
dabyre · additional productions vol 1
bubbler system
freeworm · solar power
broken social scene · s.t.
clls IIIII