Breakfast With The Browns Episode April 19, 2004

8:00am - 11:00am

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Track Listing:

dead stars
microbunny · dead stars
what does not kill us...
tetrezine · what once was
sick lover under toronto
beef terminal · 20 goto 10
ambulance for the ambience
broken social scene · bee hives
bala bay inn
valley of the giants · s.t.
season of change
microbunny · dead stars
twine · s.t.
aphex twin/gentle people · 26 mixes for cash
if i had a happy place...
kid 606 · kill sound before sound...
they say they have developed...
mum (iceland) · please smile noise bleed
oh how the boat drifts
mum (iceland) · summer make good
binbo furi/wishing/henoch
microbunny · dead stars
passing secrets through the window
beef terminal · the isolationist
le tease m'attise
jkettle · momentary delights
einstuerzende neubauten · perpetuum mobile
she moves she
four tet · rounds
So · so
republic of
books on tape · sings the blues
various (dj oxide) · dig your roots - electonica
si tu disais
calexico · convict pool
sie tranken regen
kammerflimmer kollektief · cicadidae
walk ten miles
mum (austrian) · mum
desolation theme/when youwish upon a star
various (ken nordine/ringo starr) · stay awake