Bootlegs & B-Sides Episode April 26, 2015

Bootlegs & B-Sides [26-Apr-2015]

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Doe-ran delivering to you the fattest funkiest remixes with plenty of bass.

Track Listing:

Get Lovely
Featurecast · N/A
Native Son
Gramatik · N/A
You & Your Folks
Funkadelic · N/A
Mass Evil · N/A
Infinite Eye
Spiltmilk · N/A
Been Real
Stickybuds · N/A
Payback (B-Side Remix)
James Brown · N/A
Bounce Combination
Driberlah · N/A
Linda & The Funky Boys
Funkanomics · N/A
J-Roc · N/A
You're The One For Me
Funk Ferret · N/A
A.Skillz · N/A
Rhythm Business
Mr. Bristow · N/A