Bootlegs & B-Sides Episode February 9, 2014

Bootlegs & B-Sides [09-Feb-2014]

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Doe-ran delivering to you the fattest funkiest remixes with plenty of bass.

Track Listing:

Poor Man's prayer
Main Focus · N/A
Marijuana Situation
JStar · N/A
Scurvy (ft. Waykin Bakaman)
Buck Rogers · N/A
Gossip Zilla
Big Boi & Big KRIT, UGK, Blue Oyster Cult · N/A
Could You Be Krafty
Krafty Kuts · n/a
Sure Is Wack
Voodoocuts · N/A
On Like Donkey Kong
Total Cult · n/a
Good Day
Friskie Business · N/A
Ain't No Sunshine (Busta Rehype)
Bill Withers · N/A
Monkeyboxing On A Hammond
Pulp Fusion · n/a
Wicked City · N/A
Mr. Brown
Dirty Dubsters & Bass Nacho · N/A
Shake It Baby (JPod Remix)
John Lee Hooker · N/A
Ron Burgundy DNB Edit
Ion-Eye · N/A