Asian Wave 101 Episode August 12, 2015

Asian Wave 101, August 12, 2015

4:00pm - 5:00pm

2015-08-12 63rd Broadcast
Had Alex and Scott as guests on the show to offer their opinions on the music and Asian Entertainment News this week. Total spoken word time between 26-30 minutes.
Big Bang - Let's Not Fall In Love-E - Single
Hebe Tien - Insignificant-Insignificant
Sodagreen - Meet Again-Autumn: Stories
Wonder Girls - I Feel You-Reboot
Lim Kim - Love Game-Simple Mind
D Pryde - What U Need-Plan A
Khalil Fong - Love Love Love-This Love
Loco feat. Gray & DJ Pumkin - Respect-Respect - Single

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Track Listing:

Let's Not Fall In Love
Big Bang · E - Single
Hebe Tien · Insignificant
Meet Again
Sodagreen · Autumn: Stories
I Feel You
Wonder Girls · Reboot
Love Game
Lim Kim · Simple Mind
What U Need
D Pryde · Plan A
Love Love Love
Khalil Fong · This Love
Loco feat. Gray & DJ Pumkin · Respect - Single