Asian Wave 101 Episode July 8, 2015

Asian Wave 101, July 8, 2015

4:00pm - 5:00pm

2015-07-08 58th Broadcast
Spoke between songs and presented Asian Entertainment News to make for about 25-28 minutes of spoken word.
Jess Lee - Force To-Heaven/Cliff
Jin Akanishi - Mi Amor-Mi Amor - EP
Song Ji Eun feat. Bang Yong-gook - Going Crazy-Going Crazy - Single
Khalil Fong - Listen-Listen - Single
Jane Zhang - I Believe-Believe In Jane
Verbal Jint feat. Sanchez & Bumkey - Doin' It-Doin' It - Single
Mayday - OAOA-Second Life
9MUSES - Hurt Locker-9MUSES S/S Edition
Cry of Silence - Old Habits Die-Influence

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Track Listing:

Force To
Jess Lee · Heaven/Cliff
Mi Amor
Jin Akanishi · Mi Amor - EP
Going Crazy
Song Ji Eun feat. Bang Yong-gook · Going Crazy - Single
Khalil Fong · Listen - Single
I Believe
Jane Zhang · Believe In Jane
Doin' It
Verbal Jint feat. Sanchez & Bumkey · Doin' It - Single
Mayday · Second Life
Hurt Locker
9MUSES · 9MUSES S/S Edition
Old Habits Die
Cry of Silence · Influence