Asian Wave 101 Episode March 4, 2015

Asian Wave 101, Mar. 4, 2015 Fundrive Special

4:00pm - 5:00pm

2015-03-04 41st Broadcast
Spoke between songs and presented Asian Entertainment News and had two guests for a discussion on CiTR and its importance to the community and diversity. Total spoken word time about 30-35 minutes.
4Minute - Crazy-Crazy - EP
Yoga Lin - Speaking In Tongues-Speaking In Tongues
Selina (of S.H.E) - Multiple Choice-3.1415
Jung Yong Hwa (with JJ Lin) - Checkmate-One Fine Day
J.Reyez - Turn It Up-Make It Happen - EP
Jessi & Cheetah feat. Kangnam of M.I.B - My Type-Unpretty Rapstar Compilation Album
Jam Hsiao - It's All About Love-It's All About Love

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Track Listing:

4Minute · Crazy - EP
Speaking In Tongues
Yoga Lin · Speaking In Tongues
Multiple Choice
Selina (of S.H.E) · 3.1415
Jung Yong Hwa (with JJ Lin) · One Fine Day
Turn It Up
J.Reyez · Make It Happen - EP
My Type
Jessi & Cheetah feat. Kangnam of M.I.B · Unpretty Rapstar Compilation Album
It's All About Love
Jam Hsiao · It's All About Love