Asian Wave 101 Episode November 12, 2014

Asian Wave 101, November 12, 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm

2014-11-12 28th Broadcast
Presented news and spoke between songs to make for about 22-27 minutes of spoken word.
DJ Ivy-Z (Performed by Show Luo, Jolin Tsai, Aaron Kwok and Momo Wu) - Shake Your Body/Live For Now-2014 FIFA
f(x) - Electric Shock-Electric Shock - EP
K.Will - Day 1-One Fine Day
Maggie Chiang - My Room-My Room
A-Do - Persevere-Persevere
Lucas Teague - When She Knows-The Story of Lucas Teague
Hello Venus - Sticky Sticky-Sticky Sticky - EP
Della Wu - Dare To Love-Dare To Love
Jay Park - So Good-Evolution

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Track Listing:

Shake Your Body/Live For Now
DJ Ivy-Z (Performed by Show Luo, Jolin Tsai, Aaron Kwok and Momo Wu) · 2014 FIFA
Electric Shock
f(x) · Electric Shock - EP
Day 1
K.Will · One Fine Day
My Room
Maggie Chiang · My Room
A-Do · Persevere
When She Knows
Lucas Teague · The Story of Lucas Teague
Sticky Sticky
Hello Venus · Sticky Sticky - EP
Dare To Love
Della Wu · Dare To Love
So Good
Jay Park · Evolution