Asian Wave 101 Episode October 1, 2014

Asian Wave 101, October 1, 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm

2014-10-01 22nd Broadcast
Oct. 1, 2014, Asian Wave 101Presented Entertainment News and spoke between songs, for about 20-24 minutes of spoken word.
Bangtan Boys/BTS - Danger-Dark & Wild
G.E.M. - Mascara-18...
M4M - Sadness (Chinese Version)-Mystery Formula
Girl's Day - Expectation-Expectation
Jay Chou - Silence-Fantasy
Orange Caramel - Gangnam Street-The 4th Single "My Copycat"
Raiel - Gone-Hybrid
Jane Zhang - The Seventh Sense-The 7th Sense
Troy - Green Light-GREEN LIGHT

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Track Listing:

Bangtan Boys/BTS · Dark & Wild
G.E.M. · 18...
Sadness (Chinese Version)
M4M · Mystery Formula
Girl's Day · Expectation
Jay Chou · Fantasy
Gangnam Street
Orange Caramel · The 4th Single "My Copycat"
Raiel · Hybrid
The Seventh Sense
Jane Zhang · The 7th Sense
Green Light