Asian Wave 101 Episode July 3, 2014

Asian Wave 101, July 3, 2014

4:00pm - 5:00pm

2014-07-03 10th Broadcast
Spoke in between songs and presented news to make for between 22-25 minutes of spoken word.
S.H.E - Cannot Wait-Flowers Blossom Again
SM The Ballad (performed by Zhou Mi) - Blind/Too Greedy-SM THE BALLAD Vol. 2 'Breath'
G.NA & Sanchez - Beautiful Day-Dokkun Project Part 2
Anson Hu - If-Tiger
Rainie Yang - Busy Life-Angel Wings
ZE:A - Breathe-First Homme
Sistar - Loving U-Loving U
Gentleman's Vibe - Apartments-From Fist Fights To Pinstripes
Michael Wong - Our Story-Crazy Memories
Jay Park - I Like 2 Party-I Like 2 Party EP

Track Listing:

Cannot Wait
S.H.E · Flowers Blossom Again
Blind/Too Greedy
SM The Ballad (performed by Zhou Mi) · SM THE BALLAD Vol. 2 'Breath'
Beautiful Day
G.NA & Sanchez · Dokkun Project Part 2
Anson Hu · Tiger
Busy Life
Rainie Yang · Angel Wings
ZE:A · First Homme
Loving U
Sistar · Loving U
Gentleman's Vibe · From Fist Fights To Pinstripes
Our Story
Michael Wong · Crazy Memories
I Like 2 Party
Jay Park · I Like 2 Party EP