Arts Report Episode August 7, 2013

Arts Report 07-Aug-2013

5:00pm - 6:00pm

Sara Lapsley hostsL Kristin Cheung on the 24-hour Drawing Party; Three's Company: A Collaboration
Kristin Cheung (24 Hour drawing party) 10 minHost spoken work 30 minutes
Arts aficionado Kristin Cheung tells us about the 24-hour Drawing Party coming up August 10-11th at the Project Space in China Town; Three's Company: A Collaboration with Ray Hsu, Leanne Dunnic & David Spenst Aug 12 at Hogan's Alley; A tribute to animator Paul Boyd.

Track Listing:

Protex Blue
The Clash · Self-titled
Alberta Bones
Gordie Johnson/Grady · Good as Dead
Hot Hot Dawn
Luck Commander · unreleased
Rock and Roll Ghost
Replacements · Don't Tell a Soul
opulent canine
the gay · you know the rules