Arts Report Episode July 31, 2013

Arts Report 31-Jul-2013

5:00pm - 6:30pm

Sara Lapsley hosts: Early Music Society's Summer Festival; Queer Arts Festival: When the Sun Comes Out & Yamantake//SONIC TITAN
Flora from Queer Arts Festival (7 min)Host spoken word (25 min)
Flora from the Queer Arts Festival fills us in on upcoming events including the lesbian opera, "When the Sun Comes Out", & Yamantaka//SONIC TITAN. Sara reviews the Transgression Now art exhibit at the Roundhouse Community Centre and talks about "Beyond the Labyrinth: In Search of John Dowland", an event featured in the Early Music Society's Summer Festival.

Track Listing:

Bush Pilot
Superconductor · Heavy with Puppy
Feild of Stars
Oliver Schroer · Camino
Throw Silver
Mecca Normal · Dovetail
In Darkness let me dwell
Ellen Hargis · A Candle in the Dark
Kinnie Starr · L Word Soundtrack
Reverse Crystal
Yamantake/SONIC TITAN · YT//ST