Arts Report Episode January 17, 2013

5:00am - 7:00am

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Track Listing:

Sonic Cradle
Jay Vidyarthi · live sessions excerpt
There is No Silence
David Minnick · John Cage 4'33'' remix contest
Dixie Treichel
River Walk
Dixie Treichel
L'Eau Pass
Jeremy Maimosa
Sun Pulled The Water Out
Paavo Koya
We Are Grasping at Overcast
The Last Dream
Juraj & Max
Garage Sale Tape Mix
David Minnick
Aerial Rite
James Bates
How to Look at a Vancouver Special
Keith Higgins · audiobook excerpt
Keith Higgins
Two of Us
Jeremy Mainmosa
Jeremy Kawchuck · Marvlou
peck, peck, peck
Soressa Gardener