Arts Report Episode June 10, 2009

THE ARTS REPORT -- June 10th, 2009

5:00am - 6:10am

Hosted by Tracy Fuller and Sarah Buchanan INTERVIEW: Filmmaker Chris Welsby and DIM's Associate Programmer Amy Lynn Kazymerchyk (@ Pacific Cin?math?que)


Episode 2: Fermenters
HOSTED and PRODUCED by Sarah Buchanan
Originally Podcast on: 4 Mar 2009

With thanks to Sarah Buchanan, Graeme Worthy (faithful web developer), Aili Meutzner (art whiz), Kat Siddle (research and library hound) and the voices of Heather Johnstone, Emerson Belland, Caroline Walker, Charlotte Hewson, Soula Poulos, and whoever happened to be in the room.