ANoiZE Episode January 25, 2006

11:30am - 1:00pm

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Track Listing:

Raising the Sparks
Akron Family · Split w/ Angels of Light
Comfy in Nautica
Panda Bear · s/t
Her Come the Warm Jets
Brian Eno · Here Come The Warm Jets
It Fit When I Was A Kid
Liars · It Fit When I was A Kid
The Frozen Glacier of Mastadon Blood
Liars · It Fit When I Was A Kid
Bingo! Count Draculuck
Liars · It Fit When I was A Kid
One Horse Isolated From The Rest/Payday
Saul Duck · S/T
Remeber Rumsfeld at Abu Ghraib
Ahleuchatistas · What You Will
The Boyhood of Lesser Known Christian Men
Approach · Wings of Monarchs
Blixa Bargeld · How To Destroy The Universe
Yu Gung
Einsturende Neubauten · Dj Morpheus-I Can't Live Without My Radio Comp.
KTU · 8 Armed Monkey
The Five Steps
William S. Burroughs · Myths 1
Twink · The Broken Record