ANoiZE Episode March 9, 2005

11:30am - 1:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Serenade for Missy
Residents · Tunes of Two Cities
Alice The Goon
Nurse With Wound · Alice The Goon
neo Revivalist Retro Summer Splash
P. Miles Bryson · Megalomaniacs Decortors Quaterly
Cicone Youth · The Whitey Album
Drastic Classicism
Rhys Chatham · An Angel moves too fast to see
Vociferous Slam
Homosexuals · The Homosexuals CD
Notekillers · s/t
Vertial Slum
Swell Maps · A Trip To Marineville
Neutron Lover
Homosexuals · Homosexuals CD
Total Luck
The Prefects · amateur wankers
Dish it Out
Contortions · No New York
This is not a photograph
Mission Of Burma · S/T
The Supermen
Dr. Mix and the Remix · 1979-1982
Eyeless Gaze
Dead Meadow · Feathers
Subarachnoid Space · The Red Veil
EAch one teach one
Oneida · Each one Teach one
Kinski · Airs Above Your Station
No Satisfaction
Black Mountain · s/t