ANoiZE Episode November 3, 2004

11:30am - 1:00pm

No description available for this episode.

Track Listing:

Star Spangled Bologna
Evolution Control Committee · Plagarythym Nation
Star Spangled Banner Some where
Peter Grudzien · Song s in the Key of Z
Thats america
Bruce McUllough · Shame Based Man
David Cross · Its' Not Funny
Freedom Isn't Free
DVDA · Team America Soundtrack
The Warrior
Honey Ltd. · music for Pussycats
David Cross · It's Not Funny
Let the Eagle Soar
John Ashcroft · Miserable Melodies
David Cross · Shut Up you...
John Oswald · 69/96
Freedoms Waiting
Negativland · Free
America Fuck Yeah
DVDA · Team America Soundtrack
Cowboy Cornholio
Jello Biafra · Machine Gun in the Clowns Hand
Rat a tat America
Dick Kent · American Song Poem
David Cross · It's not Funny
Young Americans
The Young Americans · S/T
Our National Anthem
Negativland · Free
Get ready to die
Andrew W.K. · I Get Wet