ANoiZE Episode December 17, 2003

11:30am - 1:00pm

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Track Listing:

You're DrivingMeMad
Alvin Dahn · Songs In the key ofZ
I will always love you
Dsicow/KevinBlechdom · -
John Oswald · 69/96
GoHome · -
Stroke of Genius
Freelance Hellrasier · WorldGreatestBootlegs
John Oswald · 69/96
An American In Paris
Severed Heads · Blubberknife
Throbbing Gristle · D.O.A.
Mea Culpa
Eno/Byrne · My Life in thebush...
Kevin Drumm · Land of Lurches
Jolly Green Giant
Negativland · Happy Heroes
Lick Myself
Triumphtheinsult... · come poop w/me
The Beatles · X-Mas Album
What In The World
Dukes Of Stratosphear · 25O'Clock
Supernal infinate Space
Acid Mothers Temple · Absoltely Freakout
Horizontal Hold
This Heat · S/t
Chestnuts 2 you
Value Village People
Murder licence
Xinlisupreme · Murder Licence
Marekesh Express
Enoch Light · Permissive polyphonics