All Awesome In Your Ears Episode October 25, 2009

Transmission #33

8:00am - 9:05am

Even More Record Labels That Rock Our Robo-Brain Chips: The Mothership Edition (Constellation Records and Paper Bag Records) Constellation Records:
1. Godspeed You Black Emperor! - "Motherfucker=Redeemer" (Yanqui U.X.O.)
2. Vic Chestnut - "Glossolalia" (North Star Deserter)
3. Le Fly Pan AM - "Pas a' Pas Step Until" (N'Ecoutez Pas)
4. Do Make Say Think - "Do" (Other Truths)

Paper Bag Records:
5. Little Girls - "Imaginary Friends" (Concepts)
6. Tokyo Police Club - "Box" (Smith EP)
7. Winter Gloves - "Factories" (About A Girl)
8. The Acorn - "Flood" (Glory Hope Mountain)