All Awesome In Your Ears Episode July 31, 2009

Rainbow Groove - The All Awesome In Your Ears Addition

9:00am - 10:30am

Hosted by MBot "Funktron Obliviator" and SBot "Discobot Annihilator" For CiTR's Second Annual Show Swap Week!

The Bot's version of Disco/Funk History in Chronological Order:

1977: Steely Dan - "Peg" (Aja)
1977: Arpadys - "Stone Roller" (Monkey Star)
1978: Soraya - "If" (Disco Star)
1978: Musique - "In The Bush" (Keep on Jumpin')
1979: Vernon Burch - "Get Up" (Get Up)
1981: Bohannon - "Take The Country To NY City"
(Take The Country To NY City 12" Single)
1981: Ahzz - "New Yorks Movin" (New Yorks Movin' 12" Single)
1985: Alexander Robotnick - "Problems D'Amour"
(Problems D'Amour 12" Single)
2005: Hot Chip - "Down With Prince" (Coming On Strong)
2006: Herbert - "Moving Like A Train" (Scale)
2007: Of Montreal - "Gronlandic Edit"
(Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer?)
2008: Hercules and Love Affair - "Blind (Frankie Knuckles Remix)"