All Awesome In Your Ears Episode July 19, 2009

Transmission #27 (Re-aired in it's Entirety!)

8:00am - 9:15am

Even Robots Use Wikipedia (or Songs Without Words) 1. Tristeza - "Golden Hill" (Spine and Sensory)
2. Fennesz - "Shisheido" (Endless Summer)
3. Do Make Say Think - "A Tender History In Rust" (You, Your A History In Rust)
4. Four Tet - "Slow Jam" (Rounds)
5. M83 - "Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun" (Before The Dawn Heals Us)
6. The Most Serene Republic - "Emergency Performance Art Piece" (Phages)
7. Mouse On Mars - "Gogonal" (Niun Niggung)
8. Prefuse 73 - "One Word Extinguisher" (One Word Extinguisher)
9. The Chemical Brothers - "Marvo Ging" (Push The Button)
10. Air - "Alpha Beta Gaga" (Talkie Walkie)