All Awesome In Your Ears Episode December 7, 2008

Transmission #14

8:00am - 9:05am

Misc. Bots: a little bit of circuitry pulled from a lot of different boards OR yesterday we saw a couple of eclectic-bots holding hands 1. Little Joy - "Don't Watch Me Dancing" (Little Joy)
2. Bonnie "Prince" Billy - "For Every Field There's A Mole"
(Lay Down In The Light)
3. Department of Eagles - "No One Does It Like You" (In Ear Park)
4. The Walkmen - "In The New Year" (You and Me)
5. Chad VanGaalen - "Phantom Anthills" (Soft Airplane)
6. Architecture in Helsinki - "That Beep" (That Beep Single)
7. Fake Blood - "Mars" (Mars 12")
8. Does It Offend You, Yeah? - "We Are Rockstars"
(You Have No Idea What You're Getting Yourself Into)
9. Steve Aoki - "1967" (N/A)
10. Sebastian Tellier - "L'Amour et La Violence" (Sexuality)