African Rhythms Episode December 11, 2009

Broadcast on 11-Dec-2009

7:30pm - 9:00pm

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Track Listing:

London town
Light Of The World · London tunes
Everyday Housewife Rap (
Fiesta · S/T
I`m being held hostage
Sidney Joe Qualls · S/T
Women`s Love Rights (
Laura Lee · S/T
Nickle And A Nail
OV Wright · Nickle is..)
Lets Go Fishing
Turner Bros · S/T
The Whitefield Brothers - · In The Raw
Friendship Train ( Self Evident + David Love Jones Nov 2009 Dubstep Remix
DLJ - Self evident - undisputed truth
Oof baby
Self Evident - Smokey Robinson
The Sly The Slick And The Wicked
Lost Generation - · S/T
Dirty funk
Wayne Mcghie- · S/T
Djavan - · S/T
On the path
Rodney Franklin · S/T
Leaving This Planet
Charles Earland · Leaving This Planet