CITR Workshop Series

We are  currently in the midst of planning our latest workshop!


The World of Event Planning, Managing and Strategizing, Version 2.0. Facilitator- Sterling Aurel. September 2012.

Shake If Off II: Facilitator- Amalia Nickel. September 2012.

Show Hosting 101. Facilitator- Duncan McHugh. September 2012.

Shake It Off: The Accepted Roles of Women in Vancouver music. Facilitator- Team Heartbreak ( Amalia Nickel, Kassandra Guagliardi and Tonye Aganaba) July 2012.

Spoken Word Programming at CiTR: A Forum. Facilitator- Maegan Thomas. July 2012.

The World of Event Planning, Managing and Strategizing. Facilitator- Sterling Aurel. June 2012.

Live//Remote Broadcasts and Tech. Facilitator- Andrew Longhurst. June 2012.

Social Media 101, Version 2.0. Facilitator- Vanessa Tam. June 2012.

Promotions, Social Media and Development. Facilitators- Vanessa Tam (Native Shoes, Fortune Sound Club, Catalog Gallery) and Amalia Nickel (Hip Hop Canada, Team Heartbreak). May 2012.

Interviewing For The Radio. Facilitator- Adam Janusz. March 2012.

News 101. Facilitators- Chirag Mahajon and Claire Eagle. March 2012.

Live Broadcasting + Tech. Facilitator- Evan French. 2012.

Telling Their Story: The Before, During, And After An Interview. Facilitator- Debby Reis. January 2012.

Writing A Review. Facilitator- Gregory Adams. January 2012.

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