Shindig starts Tuesday, October 21, and runs every Tuesday until December 16th, with semis on January 13 / 20 / 27 and the finals on Friday, February 6th.

We have a new venue – The Hindenburg, at 23 West Cordova. CiTR Djs will spin after the bands!

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** Shindig Final – Friday February 6, 2015 **

First Place: Still Creek Murder
Second Place: SKIM MILK
Third Place: Funk Schwey

Judges: Eleanor Wearing, Gregory Adams, Jonathan Kew, Jon Reddit, Laurel Borrowman, Sarah Cordingley, Stephen Lyons, Vivian Pencz.



Shindig Night One / October 21st

Bands: Fundamentally Unsound , Pale Red, The Vaporettos
Winner: Pale Red
Judges: Sara Lapsley, Quinn Omori, Jay Arner, Erik Coates, Andy Resto

Shindig Night Two / October 28 – Rainboard, Sam Tudor, Still Creek Murder
Winner: Still Creek Murder
Judges: David Prowse, Robert Catherall, Megan McDonald, Eleanor Wearing, Shea McConkey

Shindig Night Three / November 4 – Revered, Screaming Queens, The Spheres
Winner: Revered
Judges: Jody Glenham, Val Cormier, Drue Swalwell, Nellie Stark, Jacey Gibb

Shindig Night Four / November 11 – Double Standards, Malk, Speller
Winner: Malk
Judges: Anita Binder, Jonathan Kew, Ogwaho Powless, Ryan McCormick, Sean Elbe

Shindig Night Five / November 18 – SKIM MILK, Spring Breaks, Two Doges and a Couple of Bauds
Judges: Adrienne Labelle, Alex Smith, Louise Burns, Christopher Hunter, Eleanor Wearing

Shindig Night Six / November 25 – Alea Rae, Poles, Scotty P & The Virgins
Winner: Poles
Judges: Krista Loewen, Shawn Bristow, Jen Sheppard, Peter Doolin

Shindig Night Seven / December 2 – Glad Rags, Stanley Park, Tarantula Head
Winner: Tarantula Head
Judges: Jacey Gibb, Joy Mullen, Matt Granlund, Rob Mangelsdorf, Oswaldo Perez

Shindig Night Eight / December 9 – Ace Martens, Funk Schwey, GBBGs
Winner: Funk Schwey
Judges: Amanda Thomson, Corey Ratch, Evan McDowell, Jonathan Kew, Seth Goetzke

Shindig Night Nine / December 16 – RAISED ON DJs, The Plodes, Purple Hearts Social Club
Winner: Purple Hearts Social Club
Judges: Jay Arner, Hasan Li, Nikki Haselberger, Brad Winter, Andy Resto

Shindig Semi #1 / January  13, 2015 – The Dark Dials, Still Creek Murder, Revered
Winner: Still Creek Murder
Judges: Anita Binder, Elizabeth Halliday, Joy Mullen, Rob Josephson, Sarah Cordingley
(Note: Pale Red is unable to perform due to scheduling conflicts and are replace by The Vaporettos who recently changed their name to The Dark Dials)

Shindig Semi #2 / January 20, 2015 – Malk, SKIM MILK, Poles
Judges: Shea Dahl, Robynn Iwata, Jennifer Gardy, Gary Korhonen, Kevin Scofield, Josh Gabert-Doyon

Shindig Semi #3 / January 27, 2015 – Tarantula Head, Funk Schwey, Purple Hearts Social Club
Winner: Funk Schwey
Judges: Chelsea McDonald, Bailey Staffen, Jeremy Baker, Sarah Cordingley, Rohit Joseph


Here are the prizes for Shindig 2014:

First Place

2 full days and 1 night of recording, plus mastering of 5 songs at Rain City Recorders
2 hours of free labour ($140) from Backline Musician Services
Showcase at Music Waste
Showcase at Canadian Music Week 2015 in Toronto
2 page feature in CiTR 101.9 FM’s Discorder Magazine
Music industry consultations from Nimbus Recording
A Big Night Out with Mint Records
Showcase with AMS Events” target=”_blank”>AMS Events
Feature on Thunderbird Radio Hell on CiTR
Band Merch Canada prize package
Distribution of 2000 posters by Silver Fox Postering
500 full colour posters from Minuteman Press
300 1″ buttons from Six Cent Press
$200 store credit at The Hive Printing

Second Place

20 hours recording time at Vogville Recording Ltd.
1 hour of free labour ($70) Backline Musician Services
Band Merch Canada prize package
1 page feature in CiTR 101.9FM’s Discorder Magazine
Feature on Thunderbird Radio Hell on CiTR
Distribution of 1000 posters by Silver Fox Postering
500 full colour posters from Minuteman Press
200 1″ buttons from Six Cent Press

Third place

12 hours recording time at Fader Master Studios
1 hour of free labour ($70) from Backline Musician Services
Band Merch Canada” target=”_blank”>Band Merch Canada prize package
1 page feature in CiTR 101.9FM’s Discorder Magazine
Feature on Thunderbird Radio Hell on CiTR
Distribution of 500 posters by Silver Fox Postering
500 full colour posters from Minuteman Press
100 1″ buttons from Six Cent Press

audience prizes

$10 gift certificates at Zulu Records
jokes for beer
CiTR T-Shirts

Frequently Asked Questions for SHiNDiG:

Q: How many bands/musicians will be selected to play?
A: Twenty-Seven.

Q: What styles of music are acceptable?
A: We will consider all musical styles, from country to punk to classical to hip-hop.

Q: How do you select who gets to play?
A: Every submission to SHiNDiG! will be evaluated by a committee composed of current CiTR members.

Q: My band is with a record label. Can I enter?
A: That depends. If you already have a big major record deal, you shouldn’t really bother with us. But if you are just running your own small independent label from the basement of your house for example, chances are that it’s probably okay. SHiNDiG makes every effort to give the smaller local independent acts a chance for exposure and prizes.

Q: I submitted an entry in a previous year but was not selected, can I submit again this year?
A: Yes. In fact, we strongly encourage it. The selection commitee changes each year; what gets rejected one year might not in another year.

Q: When will you contact bands/musicians you selected to play in SHiNDiG!?
A: If you are selected, we will contact you mid September.

Q: Why should I play SHiNDiG!?
A: Great exposure. A chance at fantastic prizes, including studio time and CD reproduction. And it’s tons of fun!

Q: Where will SHiNDiG! be held?
A: This year, Shindig is moving to a new venue – the Hindenburg, located 23 West Cordova in Gastown. The Hindenburg is a reincarnation of past Vancouver venues such as Club 23 West, The Hungry Eye, and The Cruel Elephant, with a fresh atmosphere, free pool, a brand new stage, local beer on tap, and a desire to support local music.

Q: When will SHiNDiG! be held?
A: Every Tuesday night, from around 9 pm to 12 am. The first night is October 21 , 2014. The semis are January 16 / 20 / 27 and the finals on Friday, February 6th.

Q: How long are the sets?
A: Three bands play each night. The time allotted for each set is 30 minutes.

Q: How many judges are there? Who are they?
A: There will be five judges per night. They will most likely be from CiTR or DiSCORDER, although sometimes we’ll have local musicians (past SHiNDiG participants especially), music journalists, or just people who care about music. We make every effort to ensure that the judges are unbiased – in cases where the actions of a judge is questionable (i.e. if judge seems to be friends with a competing band, or if judge leaves show before giving a band a fair chance), the judge’s vote will be disqualified. The judges will be made public several days after each night. Check out our judging form!

Q: Who is the MC/host for this year?
A: Ben Lai will return as host/MC.

Q: What if I have more questions?
A: Email


Shindig! 2013

Blind Horses
The Ded Beats
Hooves (Winner)
Judges: Christopher Burnside, Kevin Scofield, Krista Loewen, Patrick Sampler, Robbie Nall

The Binz (Winner)
No, Boy
Judges: Baxter Hall, Jay Arner, Julie Colero, Quinn Omori, Shena Yoshida

Kubla Khan
Skinny Kids (Winner)
Judges: Alex Smith, Justin Penny, Quinn Omori, Regan Taylor, Sarah Cordingley

Dream Baby (Winner)
Old Notes
Scrambled Debutante
Judges: David Prowse, Lucy Fenn, Sarah Cordingley, Sean Elbe, Val Cormier

M. Lund
Kill CIty Kids
Pineapple (Winner)
Judges: Kate Henderson, Karlijin Profijt, Matthew Budden, Lucy Fenn, Quinn Omori

The Slough
Zen Mystery Fogg (Winner)
Judges: Baxter Hall, Jordie Yow, Val Cormier, Wade Jordan

Deaf Chords
Spesh Pep
War Baby (Winner)
Judges: Drue Swalwell, Quinn Omori, Regan Taylor, Robbie Nall, Shena Yoshida

Big Damn Heroes
Candela Farm (Winner)
Scin Laeca
Judges: Jacey Gibb, John Pantherbone, Robert Catherall, Selina Crammond, Shena Yoshida

42 (Winner)
Violet Height

The Binz
Skinny Kids (Winner)

Dream Baby
Zen Mystery Fogg (Winner)

War Baby (Winner)
Candela Farm

12/10/13 FINALS
Skinny Kids
Zen Mystery Fogg
War Baby (Winner!)

All shows begin at 9:30 PM at the Railway Club!

Shindig 2012 Results

Shindig Night One:

Runner ups: The Cut Losses, Keith William Miller

Judges: Jay Arner, Sarah Cordingley, Quinn Omori, Alex Smith, Jordie Yow

Shindig Night Two:

Winner: Teapot Hill
Runner ups: Gnomadiacs, Shawn Stibbards

Judges: Penny Clark, Ryan Dombal, Ryan McCormick, Sean Ramsay, Drue Swalwell

Shindig Night Three:

Winner: Kill City Kids
Runner ups: Chi Sun “The Asian Persuasion”, Johnny de Courcey and the Death Rangers

Judges: Jay Arner, Sarah Cordingley, John Cow, Celina Kurz, Joel Tong

Shindig Night Four:

Winner: Classic Rick and His Classic Rockers
Runner ups: Brothers Fjord, Broken By Fire

Judges: Val Cormier, Jennifer Gardy, Jeremiah Hayward, Gary Korhonen, Joy Mullen

Shindig Night Five:

Winner: Lunch Lady
Runner ups: Hunger City, J.R.R. Tokin’

Judges: Sean Barry, Jennifer Gardy, Gary Korhonen, Alex Smith, Shena Yoshida
Shindig Night Six:

Runner ups: Rags to Radio, Nam Shub

Judges: Sam Buss, Megan McDonald, Quinn Omori, Alex Smith, Drue Swalwell

Shindig Night Seven:

Winner: Heard In the Mountains
Runner ups: Grey Empire, Elvis Was a Blonde

Judges: Christopher Burnside, Selina Crammond, Jody Glenham, Larissa Loyva, Tracey Vath

Shindig Night Eight:

Winner: Praying For Greater Portland
Runner ups: String Theory and the Fellowship of the String, Flash Summer

Judges: Shawn Bristow, Val Cormier, Ryan Dyck, Matt Granlund, Jeremiah Hayward 

Shindig Night Nine:

Winner: Confessions of Owls
Runner ups: Joyce Island, Big EviL

Judges: Christopher Burnside, Jordan Grey, Dave Rogers, Keith Wecker

Shindig Semis #1:

Winner: Teapot Hill
Runner ups: SHADOWS, Kill City Kids

Judges: Shea Dahl, Olivia Fetherstonhaugh, Patrick Geraghty, Johnny Payne

Shindig Semis #2:

Runner ups: Lunch Lady, Classic Rick and His Classic Rockers

Judges: Pyra Dracula, Olivia Fetherstonhaugh, Steve Mann, Gary Korhonen, Curtis Woloschuk

Shindig Semis #3:

Winner: Praying for Greater Portland
Runner ups: Heard In The Mountains, Confessions of Owls

Judges: Jay Arner, Penny Clark, Ryan Dyck, Drue Swalwell, Kenneth William

Shindig Finals:

First Place: Praying for Greater Portland
Third Place:  Teapot Hill

Judges: Duncan McHugh, Laurel Borrowman, Luke Meat, Peter Plett, Sarah Buchanan, Shena Yoshida, Stuart Derdeyn


Shindig! 2011 Results

Photos available care of Steve Louie’s Flickr Page!

Shindig Finals:

Winner: Sleuth
Second Place: Tyranahorse
Third Place: From Birch to Yew

Judges: Dani Vachon, Luke Meat, Penny Clark, Shawn Connor, Shena Yoshida

Shindig Night One:

Winner: Real Boys
Runner ups: 41st and Home, 30 Stone

Judges: Chris McLaughlin, Curtis Woloschuk, Quinn Omori, Patrick Geraghty, Val Cormier

Shindig Night Two:

Winner: The Killed Spirits
Runner ups: Diamond Dancer, SR JONES

Judges: Adrienne LaBelle, Jarrett Samson, Megan McDonald, Oswaldo Perez Cabrera, Peter Plett

Shindig Night Three:

Winner: Tyranahorse
Runner ups: Blondewich, Mercy Years

Judges: Darren Susin, Gary Korhonen, John Cow, Megan McDonald

Shindig Night Four:

Winner: Sleuth
Runner ups: Pranatricks, Weekend Yalesale

Judges: Jordie Yow, Melanie Coles, Olivia Fetherstonhaugh, Sean Elbe, Shea Dahl

Shindig Night Five:

Winner: Fist Full O’ Snacks
Runner ups: The Radii, Tassels

Judges: Adrienne LaBelle, Jessica Wilkin, Jordie Yow, Luna Nuhic, Shena Yoshida

Shindig Night Six:

Winner: Philoceraptor
Runner ups: The Godspot, Honourary MD

Judges: Dave Prowse, Duncan McHugh, Jody Glenham, Ryan McCormick, Sarah Cordingley

Shindig Night Seven:

Winner: From Birch to Yew
Runner ups: Fathoms, Rec Centre

Judges: Aryana Elbe, Luna Nuhic, Shockk Mongoose, Val Cormier

Shindig Night Eight:

Winner: Man Hands
Runner ups: beekeeper, The Harshies

Judges: Christopher Burnside, Jordie Yow, Ryan McCormick, Shena Yoshida

Shindig Night Nine:

Winner: The Population Drops
Runner ups: Conspiracy Farm, Synthcake

Judges: Christopher Burnside, Curtis Woloschuk, Jeremiah Hayward, John Cow, Sarah Cordingley

Shindig Semis #1:

Winner: Tyranahorse
Runner ups: Real Boys, The Killed Spirits

Judges: Evan Symons, Luna Nuhic, Megan McDonald, Shena Yoshida

Shindig Semis #2:

Winner: Sleuth
Runner ups: Philoceraptor, Man Hands

Judges: Duncan McHugh, Evan Symons, Jeremiah Hayward, Joy Mullen, Patrick Geraghty, Shena Yoshida

Shindig Semis #3:

Winner: From Birch to Yew
Runner ups: Fist Full O’ Snacks, The Population Drops

Judges: Darren Susin, Megan McDonald, Quinn Omori, Ryan McCormick, Trevor Hargreaves

SHiNDiG 2010 Results

Winner: The Oh Wells
2nd Place: WIZERDZ
3rd Place: Crystal Swells

Judges: Adrian Mack, Olivia Fetherstonhaugh, Shawn Conner, Shea Dahl, Stuart Derydeyn, Tariq Hussain

Shindig Night One:

Winner: Clockmakers
Runner ups: KEEP TIDY, Isla Taco

Judges: Chris Cantrell, Curtis Woloschuk, Darren Susin, Rob Josephson, Val Cormier

Shindig Night Two:

Winner: Sajia Sultana
Runner ups: Boy Voyage, Pineapple

Judges: Christopher Burnside, Darcie Omori, Juli Steemson, Krista Loewen, Neema Saeedi, Tompi Sunga

Shindig Night Three:

Runner ups: AK-747s, EEEK!

Judges: Jay Arner, Jennifer Gardy, Juli Steemson, Patrick Geraghty, Sean Elbe

Shindig Night Four:

Winner: The Hot Moonbeams
Runner ups: Markus Naslund, Shi Yi

Judges: Beshele Caron, Drue Swalwell, Jay Arner, Kate Henderson, Peter Plett

Shindig Night Five:

Winner: Crystal Swells
Runner ups: Badger, Paper Camera

Judges: Adrienne Labelle, Alie Lynch, Nathan Moes, Quinn Omori, Sean Ramsey

Shindig Night Six:

Winner: Citizen Hands
Runner ups: Maqlu, Girlfriends and Boyfriends

Judges: John Cow, Krista Loewen, Mark Belsito, Megan McDonald, Ryan McCormick

Shindig Night Seven:

Winner: The Oh Wells
Runner ups: DBL Dragon, High 5 After Sex

Judges: Kent Fargo, Lise Monique, Regan Taylor, Shea Dahl, Val Cormier

Shindig Night Eight:

Winner: narwhal
Runner ups: Andorra, Cameron Scott Fraser

Judges: Celina Kurz, Christopher Burnside, Evan French, Jay Arner, Jordie Yow

Shindig Night Nine:

Winner: Dekumpozers Uhv
Runner ups: Noise Ranger, Sleep Holiday

Judges: Caitlin Gilroy, Graham Christoffson, Jordie Yow, Ryan Dyck, Stuart Derydeyn

Shindig Semis #1:

Runner ups: Sajia Sultana, Clockmakers

Judges: Aryana Sye, Jeremiah Hayward, Joy Mullen, Quinn Omori, Shane Philipson, Shea Dahl

Shindig Semis #2:

Winner: Crystal Swells
Runner ups: Citizen Hands, The Hot Moonbeams

Judges: Brishen Viaud, Darren Susin, David Prowse, Megan McDonald, Shena Yoshida

Shindig Semis #3:

Winner: The Oh Wells
Runner ups: narwhal, Dekumpozers Uhv

Judges: Gary Korhonen, Jennifer Gardy, Katie Lapi, Krista Loewen, Ryan McCormick, Shena Yoshida

SHiNDiG 2009 Results

Winner: Hidden Towers
2nd Place: Half Chinese
3rd Place: Kidnap Kids!
4th Place: Pro Nails

Judges: Kristen Cudmore, Shawn Conner, Luke Meat, Dave Prowse, Dani Vachon

Shindig Night One:

Winner: aunts and uncles
Runner ups: Humans, Modern Lakes

Judges: Derek Adam, Kristen Cudmore, David Mattatall, Chris McLaughlin, Aryana Sye

Shindig Night Two:

Winner: Half Chinese
Runner ups: Catamaran, No Time

Judges: Beshéle Caron, Val Cormier, Jon Schubert, Darren Susin, Jeremy Van Wyck

Shindig Night Three:

Runner ups: MT-40, Thee AHs

Judges: Al Boyle, Shawn Bristow, Olivia Fetherstonhaugh, Patrick Geraghty, Regan Taylor

Shindig Night Four:

Winner: Lengthy List of Lovers
Runner ups: Jody Glenham, Tigerhead

Judges: Lara Farcasan, Gary Korhonen, Sati Muthanna, Jesse Taylor, Jeremy Thorp

Shindig Night Five:

Winner: Kidnap Kids!
Runner ups: Move on Citizen, The Receptionists

Judges: Shea Dahl, Jennifer Gardy, Charla McCutcheon, Quinn Omori, Cameron Reed, Jeremy Thorp

Shindig Night Six:

Winner: Manta Ray-Gun
Runner ups: Weathered Pines, Witch Water

Judges: Penny Clark, Shea Dahl, Caitlin Gilroy, Ryan McCormick, Pietro Sammarco

Shindig Night Seven:

Winner: Pro Nails
Runner ups: Bad Fate, Bench/Dawn Optimist

Judges: Jay Arner, Val Cormier, Kasha Marciniak, Quinn Omori, Shena Yoshida

Shindig Night Eight:

Winner: Bleating Hearts
Runner ups: Search Parties, Seven Nines and Tens

Judges: Mark Belsito, Kristen Cudmore, Des MacDonald, Neema Saeedi, Curtis Woloschuck

Shindig Night Nine:

Winner: Hidden Towers
Runner ups: Blank Cinema, Machu Picchu

Judges: Eric Axen, Julie Colero, Patrick Geraghty, Jarrett Samson, Jeremy Thorp

Shindig Semis #1:

Winner: Half Chinese
Runner ups: aunts and uncles, The LIVING DEADBEATS

Judges: Ryan Dyck, Robyn Hanson, Ryan Riot, David Rogers, Jessica Wilkin

Shindig Semis #2:

Winner: Kidnap Kids!
Runner ups: Manta Ray-Gun, Lengthy List of Lovers

Judges: Andrew Archbold, Selina Crammond, Rob Josephson, Kevin Scofield, Shena Yoshida

Shindig Semis #3:

Winner: Pro Nails, Hidden Towers
Runner ups: Bleating Hearts

Judges: Bruce Dyck, Joy Mullen, Oswaldo Perez, Vanessa Turner, Brishen Viaud

SHiNDiG 2008 Results

Winner: Hermetic
2nd Place: The Sappers
3rd Place: The Magician

Winner, Night One (September 16): Zombie Pistolero and His Guns
Runner ups: Analog Bell Service, Against Civilization

Winner, Night Two (September 23): Hermetic
Runner ups: Mr. Chancleta & The Bitter Litter Babies, Stephanie Lang

Winner, Night Three (September 30): Fur Bearing Animals
Runner ups: Childplay, Streetlight

Winner, Night Four (October 7): Language-Arts
Runner ups: Isotopes, Stumbler’s Inn

Winner, Night Five (October 14): The Sappers
Runner ups: Boogie Monster, Ben Gorodetsky

Winner, Night Six (October 21): Lakefield
Runner ups: Trembling, Cargohold

Winner, Night Seven (October 28): Shane Turner Overdrive
Runner ups: Barcelona Chair, Deaf to Shouting

Winner, Night Eight (November 4): The Magician
Runner ups: Hidden Fortress, Private Eyes

Winner, Night Nine (November 11): US US US
Runner ups: Stereo Three, Sunday Trucker

Winner, Semi #1 (November 11): Hermetic

Winner, Semi #2 (November 18): The Sappers

Winner, Semi #3 (November 18): The Magician

SHiNDiG 2007 Results

Winner: Fanshaw
Runners Up: The SSRIs, The Petroleum By-Products

September 11
The National Shield
The Remedials
The SSRIs (winner)

September 18
The Green Hour
Retrofire (winner)

September 25
The Ludvico Treatment
Stolen Bicycles Gang (winner)

October 2
The Petroleum By-Products (winner)

October 9
Hawaiian Bibles
The Skedaddlers
Treacherous Machete (winner)

October 16
JPNDRDS (winner)
Vonnegut Dollhouse

October 23
The Noble Firs
The Public Or The Press (winner)

October 30
Adjective. (winner)
Vicious Cycles

November 6
Die Cowboy Die
Greenbelt Collective (Winner)
Piper Davis

November 13
The SSRIs (winner)
Stolen Bicycles Gang

November 20
The Petroleum By-Products (winner)
Treacherous Machete

November 27
Fanshaw (winner)
Greenbelt Collective

December 4
The Petroleum By-Products
Greenbelt Collective

SHiNDiG 2006 Results

Winner: Victoria, Victoria!
2nd Place: Organ Trail
3rd Place: The Choir Practice

September 12:

Winner: D. Trevlon
Runner Ups: Sweetheart , bad moves

September 19:

Winner: The Choir Practice
Runner Ups: birdband, ONEYEDJACKS

September 26:

Winner: It’s A Living Thing (withdrew: lover lover lover )
Runner Ups: Azimyth

October 3:

Winner: The Pack
Runner Ups: Terrorbird , Shades of Gray

October 10:

Winner: jump+dash
Runner Ups: The Penguins , Two Apple Tobacco

October 17:

Winner: Organ Trail
Runner Ups: Burnside , The Stalls

October 24:

Winner: Better Friends Than Lovers
Runner Ups: Arctic, Belcon Migs

October 31:

Winner: Victoria, Victoria!
Runner Ups: Car67 , The Bloggers

November 7:

Winner: Fond of Tigers
Runner Ups: Huge Manatease , Bionic Owls

November 14:

Winner: The Choir Practice
Runner Ups: D. Trevlon, It’s A Living Thing

November 21:

Winner: Organ Trail
Runner Ups: jump+dash, The Pack

November 28:

Winner: Victoria, Victoria!
Runner Ups: Fond of Tigers, Better Friends Than Lovers

SHiNDiG 2005 Results

Winner: Romance
2nd Place: Fun 100
3rd Place: The Weather


Winner: Fun 100
Runner Ups: Lise Monique, The Nature of Things


Winner: The Jolts
Runner Ups: Go Ghetto Tiger, Likely Lads


Winner: ROCK’N
Runner Ups: Windfall , Avatar


Winner: Hot Loins
Runner Ups: Andy Collins , The Belushis


Winner: Elias
Runner Ups: The Hunter Cometh , Peter Le Grand


Winner: The Weather
Runner Ups: The Smokes , The Woods


Winner: Romance
Runner Ups: CRAN , Tomster


Winner: You Say Party! We Say Die!
Runner Ups: Crossbone Cadillacs , Locator


Winner: The Safety Show
Runner Ups: Astoria , Corsair


Winner: Fun 100
Runner Ups: The Jolts, ROCK’N


Winner: The Weather
Runner Ups: Hot Loins , Elias


Winner: Romance
Runner Ups: You Say Party! We Say Die!, The Safety Show

SHiNDiG 2004 Results

Winner: Vancougar
2nd Place: Dandi Wind
3rd Place: The Mohawk Lodge

September 14th:
Dandi Wind was the winner, over Speaking of Devils and Automatic Fancy.

September 21st:
The Little Death was the winner, over Salmon Arm and Mandown.

September 28th:
Evol-Hearted was the winner, over Ten Miles Wide and Ken LaTour.

October 5th:
The Philharmonic was the winner, over Mark of the Beats and The Sore Throats.

October 12th:
Ponderosa was the winner, over Man Meets Bear and Basement.

October 19th:
Mohawk Lodge was the winner, over The Invaders and siklogik.

October 26th:
Cadeaux was the winner, over Hejira and the Skatomatics.

November 2nd:
Vancougar was the winner, over Abyss and Wiggler.

November 9th:
Foster Kare was the winner, over The Rub and The Casanova Playboys.

November 16th, Semi Finals #1:
Dandi Wind was the winner, over The Little Death and Evol Hearted.

November 23rd, Semi Finals #2:
The Mohawk Lodge was the winner, over The Philharmonic and Ponderosa.

November 30th, Semi Finals #3:
Vancougar was the winner, over Cadeaux and Foster Kare.

SHiNDiG 2003 Results

Winner: The Front
2nd Place: They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?
3rd Place: Elizabeth

September 9th:

The First Day was the winning band, edging out Fiction and Letters To Grace.

September 16th:

Elizabeth was the winning band, edging out Splatter and The Rain And The Sidewalk.

September 23rd:

Revisionist moves on to the semi-finals, as they edged out The Badamps and The Hooded Fang.

September 30th:

The Parlour Steps were the winner tonight, edging out The Wreckers and Shitfaced.

October 7th:

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? were the winner, edging out Explaining Colors To The Blind and A Common Mistake.

October 14th:

New Years Resolution were the winner, edging out Paulisdead and Leah Abramson.

October 21st:

The Front were the winner, edging out Martial Law and Gangbang.

October 28th:

The Screaming Eagles edged out Coin Gutter and We’ve Been Had to advance to the next round.

November 4th:

Spark That Screams was the winner tonight, edging out Flippin’ Jiggers and Sarah Wheeler.

November 11th (Semi-Finals #1):

Elizabeth emerged as the winner, edging out Revisionist and Fiction.

November 18th (Semi-Finals #2):

They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? was the winner, edging out The Parlour Steps and New Years Resolution.

November 25th (Semi-Finals #3):

The Front was the winner, narrowly edging out The Screaming Eagles and Spark That Screams.

December 2nd (FINALS):

Congratulations to The Front, who are the winner of SHiNDiG 2003. The first runner up is They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? The second runner up is Elizabeth.

SHiNDiG 2002 Results

Winner: Black Rice
2nd Place : my project:blue
3rd Place : The Stunts

November 26, 2002
The Stunts was the winner, beating out S.K.Robot and kids these days.

November 19, 2002
Black Rice was the winner, beating out Subconscious Satellite and The Feminists.

November 12, 2002
my project:blue was the winner, beating out In Medias Res and Human Hi-Lite Reel.

November 5, 2002
kids these days was the winner, beating out Collapsing Opposites and The Heartachers.

October 29, 2002
S. K. Robot was the winner, beating out The Shitty’s and FEN.

October 22, 2002
The Stunts was the winner, beating out The Engaged and Johnny Sizzle.

October 15, 2002
Subconscious Satellite was the winner, beating out The Olden Days and Rakshasa.
October 8, 2002
Black Rice was the winner, beating out Motorama and Bullbucker.

October 1, 2002
The Feminists was the winner, beating out The Winks and Peoplemeat.

September 24, 2002
In Medias Res was the winner, beating out The Basement Sweets and The Skeleton Folk.

September 17, 2002
my project:blue was the winner, beating out Woody and Goshen.

September 10, 2002
Human Hi-Lite Reel was the winner, beating out Your Funeral and A Virgin In Hollywood.

SHiNDiG 2001 Results

Winner: Three Inches Of Blood
2nd Place: My Buddy Dave
3rd Place: Motorcycle Man
December 4th

November 27: Semi Finals #3
Bestest, My Buddy Dave(win), Silt

November 20th: Semi Finals #2
Disco Incognito, Six Block Radius, Motorcyle Man(win)

November 13th: Semi Finals #1
Three Inches of Blood(win), The Organ, Restore

November 6th: Naked For Jesus, My Buddy Dave(win), The Old Ripper

October 30th: Rhythm Stone, Ewoks, Silt(win)

October 23rd: Ether’s Void, Mermaid Engine, Bestest(win)

October 16th: Motorcyle Man(win), The People Vs Funk, Vuggy

October 9th: Tomas, Flipswitch, Six Block Radius(win)

October 2nd: 0ASIS, Mr. Plow, Disco Incoginto(win)

September 25th: Shrimpmeat, Restore(win), verticalsmile

September 18th: The Organ(Win), Elemeno, Second Narrows

September 11th:Three Inches of Blood (Win), Quonset , Colour Thief

SHiNDiG 2000 Results

Winner: The Cinch
2nd Place: Nicely Nicely
3rd Place: Operation Makeout

Sept 12 – Coupon, The Dollarstore Jesus and Joel
Result: Acoustic guitarist Joel advances to the semi-finals

Sept 19 – Amarillo Stars, the Cinch, Victory Gin
Result: The Cinch advances to the semi-finals.

Sept 26 – Trail Vs. Russia, Transvestimentals, Engine of the Future
Result: Trail Vs. Russia advances to the semi-finals.

Oct 3 – Wake Forest, Crestfallen, Dorothy
Result: Dorothy advances to the semi-finals.

Oct 10 – Matthew Presidente, Nicely Nicely, Halfmiler
Result: Nicely Nicely advances to the semi-finals.

Oct. 17th – Spin-Offs, Parka, Flophouse, Jr., Panty Boy
Result: Panty Boy advances to the semi-finals.

Oct. 24th – Witness Protection Program, Babblefish X, Brother Twelve
Result: Witness Protection Program advances.

Oct. 31st – The Jason DaSilva Three, Bitchin’ Cowpunk Massacre, Emerald City
Result: Emerald City advances.

Nov 7: Adios Amen, Operation Makeout, The Status
Result: Operation Makeout advances.

Nov 15 – Semi-Final #1: Trail Vs. Russia, The Cinch, Joel
Result: The Cinch advances to the finals.

Nov 22 – Semi-Final #2: Dorothy, Nicely Nicely, Panty Boy
Result: Nicely Nicely advances to the finals

Nov 29 – Semi-Final #3 – Witness Protection Program, Emerald City, Operation Makeout
Result: Operation Makeout advances to the finals

Dec 6 – Final
The Cinch – Winner, Shindig.
Nicely Nicely – Second place.
Operation Makeout – Third place.

Past Winners (pre 2000)

1999: The R.A.D.I.O.
1998: Clover Honey
1997: The Salteens
1996: Saddlesores
1995: Readymade
1994: Maow
1993: Speedbuggy
1992: Brand New Unit
1991: Mystery Machine (OR Perfume Tree?)
1990: Windwaller
1989: Black Earth
1988: Video BBQ
1987: The Four Ones
1986: Stubborn Blood
1985: Nerve Tubes (OR The Wingnuts?)
1984: Red Herring
1983: Bolero Lava (winner of the Hot Air Show, at UBC’s Pit Pub)

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History Lesson: Shindig

This article first appeared in the September 2002 issue of DiSCORDER magazine.

What do Three Inches of Blood and the Salteens have in common? Not a lot, you might suggest, and you might be right. But both Vancouver bands share the distinction of having won SHiNDiG!, CiTR’s annual battle of the bands.

For about 20 years (it’s a SHiNDiG! fact that NOBODY knows the inaugural year exactly), local musicians have spent the cold autumn months fighting it out to be SHiNDiG! champions. The Railway Club is the host venue for the weekly skirmishes, which run from September until December.

Bands are selected from a pool of entries submitted to CiTR. It’s a long and difficult process to choose the best of the best entries, and to make sure that a variety of musical styles are included. Once the 27 competitors are chosen, 3 bands play each week in an opening round. The winners of these preliminary rounds then compete in semifinals, from which SHiNDiG!’s finalists are selected.

Last year, on a cold misty night, the finals came down to the six-piece heavy metal juggernaut known as Three Inches of Blood, young punk rockers My Buddy Dave, and unclassifiable one-man band Motorcycle Man. Each of the wildly different bands brought impressive musicianship to the stage, but Three Inches of Blood had the presence and charisma to win over the crowd and judges alike. They had scream-alongs about slaying orcs, one of their singers had his mic attached to a gigantic sword, and frankly the other finalists could only hope to fight for second place.

By their last SHiNDiG! show, Three Inches of Blood had gained a reputation as a band—perhaps THE band—to see live in Vancouver, and many fans who had been won over by the Three Inches live show eagerly waited for the release of the band’s first full-length CD. Battlecry Under a Winter Sun, recorded in part with studio time won in SHiNDiG!, ended up going to #1 on the CiTR charts.

As well as the exposure to a new audience, SHiNDiG! offers large prizes of rehearsal and recording time at Vancouver studios (this year, Mushroom, the Hive, Backline, Bean Brothers, CBC Radio 3, Fireball Productions, and Video In donated prizes), as well as airtime on CBC’s Radiosonic (with Grant Lawrence!) and a spot on And, every band that plays at SHiNDiG! is invited to play on CiTR’s local music institution Thunderbird Radio Hell.

Judges are volunteers from CiTR/DiSCORDER, and they are extremely qualified, the qualification being enthusiasm to watch bands that often come as complete unknowns. At a given SHiNDiG! show, five different judges busily scribble notes and try to rank the evening’s bands. It’s a tough gig. Compensated only with free beer for their efforts, and often dealing with the wrath of eliminated bands, tireless SHiNDiG! judges are valued by the contest’s organizers. (Contact for information on this fun opportunity.)

Any history of SHiNDiG! would be shamefully incomplete without a mention of Jokes For Beer. At every show, the intermission between the second and third band is a chance to win beer by subjecting your best jokes to the scrutiny of the cruel, cruel SHiNDiG! crowd. Get on stage, spit out the knee-slapper you overheard on the bus ride to the venue, and if the crowd is pleased, you win. Jokes For Beer. It’s like gladiatorial combat for masochistic extroverts, except the spectators show less mercy. Last year a Stephen Hawking impression got a prize, so check your most classy witticisms at the door.

Fans of local music have been flocking to SHiNDiG! for years, and for good reason. Many Vancouver favourites played their very earliest shows at the event, such as past winners like Clover Honey, Readymade, the Cinch and the Radio. The SHiNDiG! stage has also been given a beating over the years by a long list of bands including The Nasty On, Witness Protection Program, Trail vs. Russia, Operation Makeout, the Organ and the Riff Randells.


Lakefield live at the Railway Club

November 25, 2008

The Sapper live at the Railway Club

November 25, 2008

Language-Arts live at the Railway Club

November 25, 2008

The Pack live at the Railway Club

November 21, 2006

The Choir Practice live at the Railway Club

November 15, 2006

Organ Trail live at the Railway Club.

November 22, 2006

Victoria, Victoria! live at the Railway Club

November 28, 2006.

Better Friends Than Lovers live at Railway Club

November 28, 2006

Fond of Tigers live at the Railway Club

November 28, 2008

Fun 100 live at the Railway Club

September, 2005.

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