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Welcome to CiTR 101.9 FM! Volunteering with us is the best way to get involved at the radio station and Discorder Magazine! Volunteers host radio shows, contribute to the magazine, produce ads, PSAs and radio content, help with live broadcasts, organize our music archive, and more. Volunteer opportunities are open to both UBC students and community members, and we’d love to have you!
Volunteer Wednesdays are on every week, 11-5! Come by and say hi, help around the station, and learn about how to get on the radio!

How to get involved

1) Book a station tour
These take place weekdays at 12:00PM, typically on a walk-in basis. You can also sign up online in the form below. If 12:00 doesn’t work with your schedule, you can also contact our Volunteer Manager to arrange an alternative time.

2) Become a CITR Member

Your membership will give you access to workshops and training, equipment privileges, access to our music library and studios, the ability to go on the airwaves and get published, plus the opportunity to get tickets to awesome events and concerts!

Annual Fee

$10 for UBC Students
$35 for Community Members ($30 for renewal)

Payment can be made in person in cash or via PayPal transfer to

3) Determine your area(s) of interest
After your tour, you’ll be able to chat with our Volunteer Manager about the different departments and the volunteer opportunities within each one. One you’ve selected which parts of CiTR and Discorder you’re interested in, you’ll be contacted by the leaders for each area.

Volunteer departments include:
  • Show Hosting
  • Producing ads, PSAs, and spoken word content for the airwaves
  • Live Broadcasting/Sound Tech
  • Music Department
  • Event coordination and tabling
  • Promotions and Outreach to students and the community

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Hosting your own show on CiTR 101.9 FM

After you’ve become a CiTR member, you can begin the process of getting on the radio!

1) Volunteer around the station

Get an idea of what we do around here by volunteering with us! Volunteer Wednesdays happen 11-5 every week with our Volunteer Exec, drop by and say hi!

2) Take our three training sessions 

The sign-up forms, which include info about time and instructor, can be found just outside of Studio B in the station! Training sessions must be done in the following order:

Technical Training: how to operate the equipment that we use to broadcast talk and music

Production Training: how to make any kind of content for the airwaves, from music to interviews, live broadcasts and pre-recorded audio

Programming Training: an overview of CRTC guidelines and CiTR’s own standards for producing great radio that reflects our mandate

3) Let our Programming Manager know that you’re interested in getting on the air

4) Contact a programmer and sit in on their show

Get in touch with any of our current programmers via their Show Page! Pick a show that you might like to emulate, i.e. if you’d like to host a talk show, sit in on a spoken word program. A sit-in will help you learn what a successful broadcast looks like and give you an opportunity to get valuable pointers from the pros.

5) Do a fill-in show!

Use one of our open time slots to practice your radio skills on the air.

6) Make a show demo

Once you know the ropes, you can make your 30 minute show demo! The demo should be a mini version of your full show (a music show should include at least 10 songs). Be sure to comply with our standards when making your demo: it will be reviewed by the Programming Manager and Programming Committee to make sure it’s right for CiTR’s airwaves.

Join a Collective!

If you’d love to be on the air, but aren’t committed to having your own show, you can join one of our six Collectives. Joining a Collective is a great way to talk about issues and topics that you care about on the air with a group of other programmers who are into the same things!



Contribute to Discorder!

The very first issue of Discorder Magazine,  published February 1983.

Questions? Email our Volunteer Manager at