Jeneen Frei Njootli

“During the performance, Frei Njootli wears an industry grade respirator and black parka she has made herself; the audience is also provided ear plugs and respiratory masks. Of this she says, ‘I want people to wonder why their protection looks different than my own.'”


Vancouver Art Book Fair 2016

Presented by Project Space, Vancouver Art Book Fair is a multi-day festival of artists’ publishing featuring nearly one hundred local, national and international publishers, as…


From the CiTR Archives #16

Image: photograph of Meeting Place performance, from Evelyn Roth’s personal website, used with permission from the artist. Back in 2012, in the run-up to our…


Project Space

In its essence, publication is the process of creating a public–– a community who witness a work. This idea comes from Matthew Stadler, co-founder of…

Real Live Action

FUSE 10th Anniversary

Disruption was the theme of the 10 year anniversary of Fuse. Doubling with the occasion of the first installment of the International Symposium of Electronic…

Real Live Action


The art scene can be kind of an odd world to step into. God loves the artsy folk for doing what they do and understanding…


The Arts Report + Yang Fudong's Fifth Night

Tonight on the Arts Report, we learn about the Songfire Festival from the Vancouver International Song Institute (but mostly what an art song is), Sara Lapsley sketches out Vancouver Draw Down (good pun) and we have the curator and artist from Facing the Animal in studio!

Plus, read info and my thoughts about Yang Fudong’s Fifth Night after the break.