Trancendance Episode November 12, 2017

Crazy Cross-Genre Vocal Tech Everything

8:55pm - 10:58pm

I don't even know how tonight's show came to be... a wild adventure through several genres including techno, progressive psytrance, vocal trance, acid techno, trance, and I think even a breakbeat track. Definitely some stuff in here that I don't normally play!

Track Listing:

smiley mike · na
Shiva Tribe
Bionik Vokolder · na
Dark Sight
Gordey Tsukanov · na
Cherokee (RPO Remix)
Bioluminescense · na
Aphrodite (Tech Mix)
Frost Raven · na
The Day Before
Basil O'Glue & Gordey Tsukanov · na
Barricade (Club Mix)
Axwell · na
Techno Karate
Van Door · na
Mark Dekoda · na
Matrey · na
Prophecy (Amelie Lens Remix)
Mathame · na
K.Larm & J.Raninen · na
Blood Pressure
Joseph Dalik · na
Impossible Odds
Darmec · na
Lonely Dancer (Kris O'neil Remix)
Carla Werner · na
Amelie Lens · na
Buenos Aires (Frost Raven Remix)
Christopher Lawrence, Fergie & Sadrian · na
Purple Day
Atmo Noise · na
Too Late
Amir · na
Romeo and Juliet (Album Version)
Airwave, Nico Parisi · na
Just Look At Me (Original Mix)
3 Access & You · na
E-Clip · na
Amelie Lens · na
Jamie Walker · na
Dark Movements
Danny JW · na
John O'Callaghan & Full Tilt · na
Clouds Of Karma
John '00' Fleming · na
Amelie Lens · na
A Simple Day (feat. Michael & Levan & Stiven Rivic) [Original Mix]
Airwave · na
Thrill Me (Future Disciple Remix)
Max Freegrant & Jerome Isma-Ae · na
The Mayans Are Coming Back
Future Disciple · na
The Dark Knight (Original Mix)
KhoMha · na
The Rabbit Hole (Pt. 1)
Simon Templar · na