Stereoscopic Redoubt Episode July 12, 2007

Broadcast on 12 July, 2007

7:30pm - 9:00pm

Start off with some Jeff Beck for Scotty Hall (1955-2006), then get into some new acquisitions by The Folklords and Mother Tucker's Yellow Duck. I did some more LP-CD transferring this weekend and throw some Humans and Warlords into the mix.

Track Listing:

Apollo America
Ferdinand Kriwet · Apollo America from
Omaggio a Luigi RussoloFur Stimme Und Digitale Intonarumori
Luigi Russolo · recordings from
An Electric Wave Between Foreign Countries
Contagious Orgasm and Telepherique · Contagious Orgasm and Telepherique
Experimental Train Traffic Controls are in Effect
Michael Dobinson · Deep Wireless 4
Ich Bin Ein X Spiel
Oleg Kostrow · Oleg Kostrow
Metalux and John Wiesse · Exoteric
Here Come the Mud Dragons
Mudsuckers · Mudsuckers
Ergo Phizmiz · Nose Points in Different Directions
Cool Noises
Radiomentale · I Could Never Make that Music Again
Retina Riddim
Gang Gang Dance · Retina Riddim