Russian Tim Show Episode April 19, 2016

Episode #174, Interview with Devon Kay (Direct Hit!)

10:37am - 11:38am

Hello Hello Hello!

Some of you might enjoy computer games and some of you might not. That information didn’t affect my decision to come up with an idea for this episode, but my interview with Devon Kay of Direct Hit! did.

Last October I happened to be in Boston, MA and absolutely unplannedly I saw Devon there. He invited me to a store called Replay’d which he managed at the time. We did a quick interview and spoke about computer games, weird consoles, Devon’s collection of rare cartridges, Steel Battalion controller and a way to bail Devon out of a jail if he ever gets arrested.

To continue computer game theme I did a ticket giveaway to Anamanaguchi and Lindsay Lowend @ Venue. Both bands sound like a soundtrack to games which Devon sells at Replay’d.

And in the end of the show I played a new song by The Jolts and songs by Storc and Slow Learners who played The Jolts album release show.

TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA - Pedorazu 2014 [Ska Me Forever]
THE HEXTALLS - Pacman [Get Smashed]
THE HEXTALLS - We’re the Castle Crashers [Get Smashed]
DIRECT HIT! - Forced To Sleep [Wasted Mind]
Interview with Devon Kay (Direct Hit!)
DIRECT HIT! - Chemical Ability [Making a Midwesterner EP]
DIRECT HIT! - Avert Your Eyes [Making a Midwesterner EP]
ANAMANAGUCHI - Meow [Endless Fantasy]
LINDSAY LOWEND - Scooter Ambiguity [Chiptunes From 2010]
THE JOLTS - Microwave Kids [No Paradoxes]
STORC - Chernobyl Wormwood [Störc]
SLOW LEARNERS - When I Was Fun [Grow On You]
JESSE LEBOURDAIS - I Go By The Sound [I Go By The Sound]

Track Listing:

Pedorazu 2014
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra · Ska Me Forever
The Hextalls · Get Smashed
We're The Castle Crashers
The Hextalls · Get Smashed
Forced To Sleep
Direct Hit! · Wasted Mind
Chemical Ability
Direct Hit! · Making A Midwesterner
Avert Your Eyes
Direct Hit! · Making A Midwesterner
Anamanaguchi · Endless Fantasy
Scooter Ambiguity
Lindsay Lowend · Chiptunes from 2010
Microwave Kids
The Jolts · No Paradoxes
Chernobyl Wormwood
Storc · Storc
When I Was Fun
Slow Learners · Grow On You
I Go By The Sound
Jesse LeBourdais · I Go By The Sound