Pop Drones Episode December 25, 2019

Pop Drones Dec 25 2019

6:25am - 12:00pm

Five and half-hour year-end special. Running through our favorite tracks of the year. 48 of them!

Track Listing:

"Watermelon Woman"
Yu Su · Watermelon Woman
Seb Wildblood · Sketches of Transition
"Touch Tone"
Local Artist · Touch Tone
"Mauna Kea"
Anf · Mauna Kea
"Jungle Room"
People Plus · Third Space
"Han Pan"
Peggy Gou · Moment EP
"Overpay, Overstay"
Galcher Lustwerk · Information
Fruit · Drømmeland
Just Off Wave (feat. Separated at Birth)
CZ Wang & Neo Image · Just Off Wave / Open Mic Beat
"Enjoy This Limousine"
DJ Fett Burger/DJ Speckgürtel · Red Scorpions
"Hiro's Cosmos"
Yadava · Earth Tones
Anthony Naples · Fog FM
Cologne · Sophia
S.O.N.S presents SYO · Tears/D.U.N.E.
"On A Nimbus"
Priori · On A Nimbus
Deep Nalström · Naive Melodies
Mårble · Club Cuts.
"Of Yesterday (Instrumental)"
Yu Su · Roll With The Punches
"Movement 1"
New World Science · Osmos (Movements)
"The Lagoon"
Edward · Underwater Jams
"maramu [still dry/no_outboard]"
Brainwaltzera · The Kids Are AI EP
"Teenage Scream Dreamer"
Stabudown Productions · Strange Rabbits
"Gradients Of Bliss"
Barker · Utility
"The Engineers"
Derek Carr · A Future Retrospective Of Art
DJ Python · Derretirse
Biochip · Synthase
Tracey · Metamorphosis
Mikron · Severance
"Rad Flyers Above All"
DOVS · Silent Cities
"Sentimental Geometry"
Vtgnike · Steals
Nkisi · 7 Directions
Golden Baby · Forgotten World 2
"Can I Ride (Extended Cut)"
Golden Baby · Forgotten World 1
Rod Modell · Captagon
YWF · Replaced EP
Conforce · Haedron EP
"In Gold Mills"
Rainer Veil · Vanity
Ghostride The Drift · Ghostride The Drift
"Sites Of The Sacred Feminine"
Our Lady Of The Flowers · Holiday In Thule
"Julia Sets"
Octal Industries · Julia Sets EP
Deathprod · Occulting Disk
"Weather In August"
Boreal Massif · We All Have An Impact
Ulla Straus · Big Room
Mister Water Wet · Bought The Farm
"Item 1"
Pontiac Streator & Ulla Straus · 11 Items
Fennesz · Agora
"Amaro Amore"
Alessandro Cortini · Volume Massimo
"I Watched the Sea, the Fields, the Sky"
Abul Mogard · Kimberlin