Pop Drones Episode April 13, 2016

Pop Drones April 13 2016

9:58am - 11:55am

2 hours of essential new thumpers for yer headphones, including a peek at new local cassette imprint ISLA, as well as a few other new labels like Ternesc, Whities and Timedance.

Track Listing:

Best Available Technology · Brute and Blind
Side A
Juniper Set · s/t
Side A
USD · Kola Dubs
2000 Species Of Cacti
Avalon Emerson · Whities 006
Batu · Monolith
Litchi Juice
Dawit Eklund · Ouroborous
Rubber Industry
Blawan · The Communicat 1022
Star Gazing
$$$TAG$$$ · Crowd Surfing
Sala One Five
Ploy · Sala One Five
Zulu Vortex
Voices From The Lake · Stealth 2/3
Gallicinum (Spaces Remix)
Ricardo Donoso · Sarava Exu Remixes
Savage Grounds · Unpleasant Music For Unpleasant People
Sciahri · Behind The Line
Sam KDC · Law of the Trapezoid
Quadra Nove
Donato Dozzy · Squadra Quadra
Need Of Angels
In The Mouth of the Wolf · s/t
Sensorial Surrogate (Shapednoise remix)
Noumeno · Exosomatic Artifacts