Nod on the List Episode July 21, 2013

Broadcast on 21-Jul-2013

6:00pm - 7:00pm

protohype & etc!etc! - bad boy flow (mp3 release)
pigeon hole - fiiire (chimp blood)
minoru - under your spell (mp3 release)
caravan palace - dramophone (swing flappers edit) (mp3 release)
Vibequad - chocolates ft. dirty MF (mp3 release)
Pigeon Hole - champion (chimp Blood)
Pretty Lights - around the block ft talib Kweli (datsik remix) (mp3 release)
wagon christ - shadows (mp3 release)
featurecast - set it off (mp3 release)
teen daze - the heart of god (inner mansions)
tweed funk - red wine (self titled)
el-p - stay down(ft nick diamond) (stay down)
All good funk alliance - pop it (mp3 release)
dimples d - sucka dJs (mr.frisbee remix) (mp3 release)

Track Listing:

bad boy flow
protohype & etc!etc! · mp3 release
pigeon hole · chimp blood
under your spell
minoru · mp3 release
dramophone (swing flappers edit)
caravan palace · mp3 release
chocolates ft. dirty MF
Vibequad · mp3 release
Pigeon Hole · chimp Blood
around the block ft talib Kweli (datsik remix)
Pretty Lights · mp3 release
wagon christ · mp3 release
set it off
featurecast · mp3 release
the heart of god
teen daze · inner mansions
red wine
tweed funk · self titled
stay down(ft nick diamond)
el-p · stay down
pop it
All good funk alliance · mp3 release
sucka dJs (mr.frisbee remix)
dimples d · mp3 release