Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode November 19, 2015

Broadcast on November 19, 2005

9:05pm - 11:02pm

Music from coast to coast

Track Listing:

Cold Cheap Sun
Revered · But What If I'm Right
TV Ugly · ucla yankee cola
Shit Lives
Late Spring · Late Spring
Church Garden
Mesa Luna · CRUX EP
Pretty Faces
did you die · WEIRD LOVE
Chairs · Drawn Into Mazes
Hot Knives
Partner · Partner
Piano Hut
wet denim · WWWDD
Pale Red · un-titled ee pee
Santa Cruz
Rainbow Road · BeLL dRunK
Too Human
Soft Haze · Too Human
The Canyon
wallgrin · Wallgrin EP
Catholic Gaydar · Pansies
The Gap (Between the Rich and Poor)
You Say Party! We Say Die! · Hit the Floor!
Dilly Dally · Dilly Dally
Sinking Ships
The Lord Almightys · Tour Cassette 2015
Current Boyfriend
Other Jesus · Everything Is Problematic
Sebadoh Boy
Banned From Atlantis · People Write To Geena Davis In Japanese
Call Your Side
Duotang · The Cons & The Pros
Night Danger
What's Wrong Tohei? · Bruce
So Dark it's a Joke
Cowards · World Champions in Male Chastity
Ace Martens · Silent Days
All The Right Moves
Vancouver Nights · Vancouver Nights
The Rules For Hearts
Sleuth · Out of the Blue Period
Apple One Every Branch
Organ Trail · Organ Trail
old love
Selkies · tall grass