Live From Thunderbird Radio Hell Episode October 9, 2014

Broadcast on 09-Oct-2014 - Interview with lié

9:00pm - 11:00pm

Get Over It - Don't Break Your Neck (Slave to the Abyss)
Charm - That's a big Spider (Charm)
Cowards - Wolf Wolf Wolf (World Champions in Male Chasity)
Fundamentally Unsound - The Bigger Than People (Black in Backpfeifengesich)
Pale Red - Cloud Song (The White Mink)
The Vaporettos - Fortress (The Vaporettos)
Sam Tudor - The Mezzanine Waltz (The Modern New Year)
Rainboard - Teenaged Angst of a Forty Year Old aka The Awkward Song (The Midnight Slide)
Still Creek Murder - Susan (To Shreds)
Monashee - The Romantics (Monashee)
Mormon Crosses - Marked Tricks (Mormon Crosses/Diane Split)
Diane - Prescrip tions (Mormon Crosses/Diane Split)
Mi'ens - Terrorist Attraction (Experimentalsparklenoisepop)
Gun Control - Jimmy and Janice (Gun Control)
Lie - Rat River (Consent)
Lie - Casual Embrace (Consent)
Lie - Capture Bonding (Consent)
Lie - Broken (Consent)
Lie - Saved (Consent)

Track Listing:

Don't Break Your Neck
Get Over It · Slave to the Abyss
That's a big Spider
Charm · Charm
Wolf Wolf Wolf
Cowards · World Champions in Male Chasity
The Bigger Than People
Fundamentally Unsound · Black in Backpfeifengesich
Cloud Song
Pale Red · The White Mink
The Vaporettos · The Vaporettos
The Mezzanine Waltz
Sam Tudor · The Modern New Year
Teenaged Angst of a Forty Year Old aka The Awkward Song
Rainboard · The Midnight Slide
Still Creek Murder · To Shreds
The Romantics
Monashee · Monashee
Marked Tricks
Mormon Crosses · Mormon Crosses/Diane Split
Prescrip tions
Diane · Mormon Crosses/Diane Split
Terrorist Attraction
Mi'ens · Experimentalsparklenoisepop
Jimmy and Janice
Gun Control · Gun Control
Rat River
Lie · Consent
Casual Embrace
Lie · Consent
Capture Bonding
Lie · Consent
Lie · Consent
Lie · Consent