Flex Your Head Episode March 15, 2016

March 15 2016

6:05pm - 8:00pm

punk and hardcore

Track Listing:

Strung Out · Subteranean Teenage Wasteland Blues
Skinhead Love Affair
Bad Manners · Fat Sound
World View · demo
Anti-Social Today
No Time · promo
Woolworm · Vampirism
Unbreakable Breed
Concrete · Unbreakable Breed
One Cold Face
Cruel Hand · Lock And Key
Fine Wine
Proxy · Fine Wine
White Lung · Paradise
Sensory Overload
Cheap Apeal · demo
Dream On
Culture Abuse · Peaches
Fight It Off
Protester · Paincave Sessions
Sunless Year
Tempest · s/t
Bib · demo
One Wasted Year
Neighborhood Brats · Recovery
We Live Free
Free · demo
Better Off Dead
Elder Abuse · split w/ Anchorless
Comon Ignorance
Life's Munition · Modern Trap demo
Mocking Shadows
Criminal Code · No Device
F.I.T.S. · demo
Disillusioned · Selfish Desires
One Of Us
Last Crusade · s/t
Basic Skills
Self Defense Family · Heaven Is Earth
Lost Generation
Bishops Green · A Chance To Change
Same Excuse
Poor Form · Same Excuse
Cheat II
Oaf · demo III
Better Pay Your Publicist
Piss Test · EP 3
Web Of Lies
Vulgar Display · promo
Iron Grip
Selfist · Dystopia Now
Social Suicide
Concealed Blade · tour tape
Peach Generation
Krimewatch · demo
Stepping Stone · demo
SBDC · Pretty Shitty
Don't Cross Me
Firewalker · demo
We've Got It Wrong
Fashionism · Quit Looking At The Time