Fill-in Show Episode August 7, 2020

Muse-ish Episode 013

11:00am - 12:00pm

Ok ok ok so here's that new format I mentioned last episode. We keep our usual mix of 3 Chronfused style improvs spronkled through out, but the first half is an ACTUAL SEAMLESS MIX of modern songs while the second part is warm vinyl hug for your heart via your ears. This weeks musical expirement is fueld by:

Maya Delilah
KAYTRANADA ft Charlotte Day Wilson
Horsepowar, LMNOP
Devendra Banhart
and The Talking heads

Ok yes so, pretty please if you want anything featured or for me to make an improv up about something (anything) DM me on any socials (i'm Chronfused everywhere) or email me at
ok, thats it, love ya!

Track Listing:

intro improv 13
Chronfused · muse ish improvs
yaya my favorite
Duendita · yaya my favorite
Tangerine Dream
Maya Delilah · Tangerine Dream
What you need
KAYTRANADA ft Charlotte Day Wilson · BUBBA
Fuck Ur Algorithm
Horsepowar, LMNOP · Lil Miss Canada
Outcast · Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
episode improv 13
Chronfused · MUSE-ish improvs
Love song
Devendra Banhart · Ma
True life hero
Klatuu · Klatuu
Naive melody (stop making sense)
The Talking heads · Speaking in Tongues
Outro improv 13
Chronfused · museish improvs