Fill-in Show Episode September 30, 2013

Geraldo's Hour at CiTR 101.9fm 30-Sep-2013

3:00pm - 4:00pm

playsheet tracklist
artist - song (album)

Rykka - With Love, With Woe (Kodiak)
Swollen Members - The Difference (Beautiful Death Machine)
Neko Case - Wild Creatures (The Worse Things Get)
The Bicycles - Bouncing off the Bay (Stop Thinking So Much)
Minotaurs - Strange Fire (New Believers)
Construction & Destruction - Cato (Dark Lake)
Diamond Rings - All the Time (Free Dimensional)
Grapes of Wrath - Isn't There (High Road)
Dead Ghosts - That Old Feeling (Can't Get Know)
Dubmatrix - She's in Love (Rebel Massive)
The Abramson Singers - Lose-Lose (Late Riser)
Portugal, The Man - Sea of Air (Evil Friends)
October Gold - Old Stones (Bridge of the Sun)
Three AHS - Our Town (Future Without Her)
Leonard Cohen - Crazy To Love You (Old Ideas)
Band of Horses - Compliments (Infinite Arms)

Track Listing:

With Love, With Woe
Rykka · Kodiak
The Difference
Swollen Members · Beautiful Death Machine
Wild Creatures
Neko Case · The Worse Things Get
Bouncing off the Bay
The Bicycles · Stop Thinking So Much
Strange Fire
Minotaurs · New Believers
Construction & Destruction · Dark Lake
All the Time
Diamond Rings · Free Dimensional
Isn't There
Grapes of Wrath · High Road
That Old Feeling
Dead Ghosts · Can't Get Know
She's in Love
Dubmatrix · Rebel Massive
The Abramson Singers · Late Riser
Sea of Air
Portugal, The Man · Evil Friends
Old Stones
October Gold · Bridge of the Sun
Our Town
Three AHS · Future Without Her
Crazy To Love You
Leonard Cohen · Old Ideas
Band of Horses · Infinite Arms